Online training?


I’m still new to FGC but i realized ever since street fighter x tekken that most games have given the option of online training (sfxt might not have been the first but im new to fgc so its the first i noticed) but is there someway we could get capcom to give us this option on UMVC3, i really want to learn to play and i have people willing to teach me but i dont want to learn in player matches and mess up our online records, so is there a way we could get capcom to add this somehow?


Abandon hope.


1.) Stop being afraid of losing
2.) Player records online mean absolutely nothing
3.) This feature will most likely never be added

If you really want to learn you’re going to have to deal with losing a lot. No way around it.


you can reset your records in the options menu whenever you want.

capcom doesn’t care about marvel as they’ve gotten their money out of it.