Online Trainning for the Red Army! (Dive Kicks only)

Well I wanted to set up something for all of us new yang players and those who have got a grasp of the chara (I haven’t yet). I wanted to set up weekly endless battles with you all. Hopefully we can run 1-2 lobbies at the same time and help train with each other, especially with match-ups. If you guys are interested add me on psn: siamsnake and i’ll see if i can get my xbox live account going for session on there.

Here’s the deal…I was thinking of sessions on the weekends (friday, saturday, or sunday)
What do you guys think? Lemme know guys and gals!

sure that will be nice. i will be gladly to join you

I’m on during most week days
GT - II Enix II

i have 2 questions. could you add a time when we would play?
are we restricted to just yang? (wondering for matchup purposes)
PSN: darkTown2

I will join this training group! I used to main Juri but I am interested in what I can do with Yang!

Yeah i need the help, i seem to be having a hard time getting rid of my bad habits so maybe playing with you guys can help me out. Also i need some help with Dive kicks, seems to can do it as fast as some of the people i see do it in the videos

Psn: franchze22

Im in…I need the practice because my Yang is far from good.
PSN : Teknosiiz

Well let’s see here we can definitely try two days in a row to see who shows up and if we need to or more rooms going. Sadly i won’t be able to do xbox this weekend, since i don’t have money for xbox live or the expansion. Don’t fret i’ll try to get that one going soon! This weekend is for psn only and I’ll start a room around seven eastern time to about 12-1am est. Hopefully if things go well we can set up a stream to go along with it. my phone has jtv on it so i man just have it just record or something.
In regards to character use, you can use whomever. The idea is for yang practice and other characters would be great for those wanting to learn match-ups.
So again saturday and sunday a room will be opened 7pm est-12 or 1am est. So that’s all really. Btw check out the other thread i made to buddy up with some other yang players for some sessions! Let’s grow stronger ppl! For the Red Army!

im down, gt in sig

I could go for some training with Yang also since he seems pretty interesting. Add me up PSN:aznGman87

Sounds cool.
PSN: Legendary-Hawk-

sure why not since am trying to pick up yang
gt foxdemon3392

XBL: Dont Jump SRK
PSN: Yourstillwithme

I play Yang, Ibuki, and Dudley.

PSN: Mufasa2
XBL: Thee Mufasa

I play Yang and Dan…both i suck with but hence why i am trying to get better

Hey sorry i didn’t get a chance to get any lobbies going. I tried to get something started today but a bad t-storm rolled in and we lost power to the house =(
I wanna get a big room set up soon for us all to practice in.

I’m all for this, but please spell check the thread title.

lmk. i am on usually 9pm til midnight on either system so if anyone wants to play, send me a invite. my yang is trash and need some advice on what i am doing wrong

PSN: MassacrePinwheel
West Coast
Makoto, Juri, Vega, Yang, Yun
Skill: Minimal

Yeah Im always down to level up my characters. Hit me up

Literally just start playing Yang today. I wanted to play him because he looked fun and cool, but I guess I was resisting the urge to start playing him because it is the “cool thing” to do (I’ll never pick up Yun…based on pride and his stupid look).

So far, I liked what I see. He’s fun to play, he’s just completely alien to me (I main Juri and my alts are Ryu and Sagat). I am not used to the normals or specials at all. I definitely need some Yang training. I’m thinking I might make him my main alt if I can be affective with his fighting style.

PSN: Rammacricket
Skill: Decent (With Yang: Rubbish)

EDIT: Might I also suggest making a PSN Chat Room where Yangs in training can come and go and meet people and train as they please? It has worked out very well for the Juri Forum/Team on the PSN.

Needs a clever name like YangBang or something.