Online two players training mode with infinite time, hp, super


[Note: this also works as single player training mode for ST. just follow the steps to setup demul for single player]

The latest demul emulator (aracde, dreamcast) now support net play via kailler

Download 32-bit client (64 bit client here)

Unzip to a folder demul

Download netplay plugin

Unzip to a folder demul/plugin

copy kailleraclient.dll from folder demul/plugin to demul

Download dc bios

create directory demul\roms and move to demul\roms

you also need your dreamcast ssf2x grand master challenge disc (use Alcohol 120% to create a cdi file from your disc)

e-ssf2xj.cdi ( JYAKDVO3 7X09XQWZ K15DINKR)

double click demul.exe
it should go into the plugin configuration (if not, from menu > config > plugins)

change GD-ROM plugin to gdrImage, click ok

menu > config > gd-rom, click select and navigate to where you save the image file e-ssf2xj.cdi, click ok

click menu > vms-manager > port A > edit > create vms > type a file name e.g. vms1.bin > format vms > ok

click menu > config > game pad > dreamcast joy 1

map lp mp hp lk mk hk to X Y L A B R and also your start and directional buttons

here’s the setting for a xbox360 TE stick

click menu > file > run DC to start single player mode

you should be prompt to initialize your vms memory slot.
make sure you can play the game properly

click menu > file > stop

Follow the guide to forward tcp and udp port 27886 to your computer. It’s the same port used by supercade.

Find out what your public ip address is here and use msn/aim/skype to let your training partner know what your ip address is

back to demul, click menu > config > netplay > tick checkbox enable netplay > ok

click menu > file > run DC, and this time single player mode would not start

instead kailler client will pop up

change mode from client to p2p in the drop down

click super street fighter from the game list to highlight it, then click host

enable checkbox “click here when ready”

and wait for your partner to connect to your ip address

the netcode is not as good as ggpo so only train with your friends that are < 100ms ping from you.

Go into training mode (you have to select 2p character for your friend). After the game is running, you can control 1p but 2p is a dummy.

press start and go to training menu

change the 2p to be controlled by human and you can optionally change super to be unlimited, and adjust the speed to turbo 1 (or whatever speed you feel that is closer to arcade)

[original post]
possible hacks to enable GGPO online 2 players training mode

After getting destroyed on ggpo yesterday, another light bulb pops up in my mind.

I was thinking if there are more efficient ways for beginner / intermediate players to practice the game and improve faster.

You can practice combo on single player offline but things like counter throw, reversal, safe jump, wall dive defense are much easier to learn if you have a partner to practice together.

There are mame/nfba cheats for Infinite Time, Infinite Energy PL1/PL2, Infinite Super PL1/PL2 but ggpo doesn’t support nfba cheat.

However I think there is a way to hack the roms directly and embed the cheats into the rom.

I know that with some cps2 games you can toggle cheats in the system menu after phoenix’ed, so those cheats must be permanently burned into the rom.

So in theory if two persons have the same hacked rom, when they connect the cheats should work.

I have no clue how to hack cps2 rom, but I’ll continue to do some research on the web to see if this is possible.

If you are a hacker or you know people that are hackers like FelineKI, Dammit, and MZK, please try to pitch the idea to them and see if it is possible.

<cheat desc=“Infinite Time”>
<script state=“run”>

<cheat desc=“Infinite Energy PL1”>
<script state=“run”>

<cheat desc=“Infinite Energy PL2”>
<script state=“run”>

<cheat desc=“Infinite Super PL1”>
<script state=“run”>

<cheat desc=“Infinite Super PL2”>
<script state=“run”>

How to practice combos on ssf2t pc version

:confused: why not just practice 2P, it’s not hard to put a credit in and play again straight after, and you’ll have to reset anyways each time one of you wants to switch character


It’s about efficiency.

It’s also not much harder if you store the towel in your garage, put your toothpaste in your kitchen, etc.

I’m not asking anyone to do the work if you’re not interested…

I’ll keep you guys posted if I find anything new in my research


A training version over GGPO would be just great. Even better if you can use it offline with a friend for no latency at all, but that takes having a friend who is into ST, which not everyone does.


ST cheats suck though last time i checked anyway. Making infinite life makes them invulnerable to hit stun too which fucks it all up unless there is a better cheat somewhere.


RagingStormX is right. Hitstun is randomly nonexistent, and pushback doesn’t exist half the time either with the hacks. At most it was useful for was tick-throw timing for me.



I’m looking for the exact same thing atm. I have friends that want to learn how to play games and I am trying to teach them, but without infinite life its a real hassle having to end the game every single time, it sucks up a lot of time. Infinite life, infinite time, with a partner online way better than having to go to someone’s house and all that. I’m definitely in. Cheats for other games are just fine, xmen, mvc, 3rd strike, etc, not all have the hitstun problem like ST.

I want to do this exact thing, let me know if anything happens man.


Just set the cheats to no one winning any rounds. The count would go past 1-9 final, and start cycling through the sound effects and eventually the other songs. You can get a really good session this way without worrying about the stuns working correctly.


updated 1st post with instruction on how to setup two players online training mode

I already left a few clues there. If something is missing, just google and you’ll find it.

Use 7zip to unzip .001, .002 files


who can help me practice cross cut? ultranoob is too scrubby with ryu, cannot cross me up consistently with close to safe jump timing…


this is sick


OR You can just go to the offline GGPO, load ST, and start a match.
Pick the 2P, and press F10 to Save the state.

Press F9 to load state…


But that’s not online 2P training mode at all. Which was the goal of the thread.


Hey just saw this pap’s Good job free bump!


Papasi, i’ve tried this way to train like crazy and i have to say this is best training mode for st so far!, man awesome tip, i’ve been practicing with this emulator and it works nice!. I have the ST japanese version and i have to say that i feel more confortable with the japanse version. i’ve seen my hawk getting better in online mode since i started using this tool.

i feel less input lag and accuracy for EVERYTHING in the dreamcast version compared to FBA version am i right?,or this emulator works better on W7 than FBA on W7. idk. anyway it seems to helping a lot because i feel more confortable with shotos and hawk.

Papasi, seriously YOU FUCKING RULE!.


I checked this out - many thanks Papasi. The training mode itself can be really useful. It supports, cpu’s stance, different blocking modes, infinite super bars, select stages, character selection, game speed, etc.

I do have one big problem however with input. For example I cannot get the HCF motion out (yoga flame, etc). There’s something weird going on where it seems that certain combinations of inputs don’t register. Maybe this is a restriction on the emulator level? Maybe it can be fixed with a hack or by using a different input controller. Anyone else have this problem? I didn’t see anything obvious in the config > gamepad options.

Also, is there a way to enable 4:3 aspect ratio? There’s no option to change from your monitor’s supported resolutions.


yeah 4:3 is a must, I hate widescreen


Now you can play ST training mode on ggpo thanks to jedpossum

  1. Download grand master challenge ST rom

  2. Unzip to a folder

  3. Download Jed’s hack and put it in the same folder.

  1. Run SSF2JX Patcher.exe, delete all the backup files (*.bak) and move SSF2JX Patcher.exe elsewhere

  2. recreate by compressing all the files in the folder into a zip file.

  3. Follow the instruction to install pyqtggpo

  1. Go to unsupported games room

Action > Sync Unsupported Savestates

… Downloaded ssf2xj_trainingmode.fs

Action > Select Unsupported Savestates

… Saved ssf2xj_trainingmode.fs as unsupported_ggpo.fs
… * switches to [ssf2xj_trainingmode]


I’m having problems getting it to load whenever I challenge myself in the unsupported room (it even took me some time to figure out that i would have to challenge myself…lol!) I ran the patcher as you instructed and deleted the .bak files, but still no luck. I’m getting this error:

The following ROMs are invalid:
~ essential program ROM sfxj.03c has a CRC of EB156C41 (correct is A7417B79).
~ essential program ROM sfxj.04a has a CRC of 2792FE07 (correct is AF7767B4).

So I’m guessing my problem is with the patching of the roms (steps 3-5)


What problem? That’s just the emulator warning you that the rom is modified. You just have to click on the button saying OK or whatever for the hacked rom load.


Ahh, got ya!! didn’t wait for it to load lol