Online vs Arcade


3s online ggpo is great for fighting skilled scrubs, wich enables you to learn how to deal with pro play and noob play simultaneously. It forces you to switch on and off pure fundementals to straight 3s tactics.

There is a reason why pros who play only at arcades lose alot againts noobs or online players…its because they cant deal with noobs.

Look at guys like Niga KO or exotic-techno or me, we know how to deal with both…but put a guy like valle in his prime or jthong or jr rodriguez and they will get murdered in ggpo.

Starters should start with ggpo to get a feel of both.


haha, jr rodriguez rapes scrubs for free.


thats terrible advice. thats like saying play soccer to get a feel for basketball.

its more like ggpo doesnt allow you to beat on scrubs because of lag


“Skilled scrubs” is a pretty baffling definition :smiley:


im on XBL right now, im fairly new to 3s but ive been playing sf4 anyone down to play?


online is garbage.


there is no such thing as fundamentals online. I played one time on ggpo for a couple hours and there was never a legit match the whole time. ggpo = underwater 3s


I started playing 3s online, it’s not bad at all if you’re playing local people. Sure it’s not perfect, but it’s free 3s and it’s honestly almost ur only choice if ur not in Socal. I wouldn’t be half as good as I am if it wasn’t for GGPO training with Yuuki.

But going to Denjin is super refreshing, no delay, top players and you get a laugh from all the players yelling out random shit.

Arcade > Online … but online isn’t useless.

edit: wow yuuki… you had to use it for ur SRK avatar lolol


Online isn’t garbage, it’s just different. There are some really good players on GGPO. Now they are not that great offline, but they are still way ahead of a lot of people. Just the same as when a great player offline, plays online. He’ll be better than the majority of them. They play differently. And online tournaments are starting to become more of a norm. Just as in fps and rts, there are big offline tournaments, but there are also big online ones. And the players who succeed in the offline ones will not succeed in the online and visa versa (generally speaking). I think it is only a matter of time till the same thing happens with fighting games in general.

Ya I realized the SoCal thing when I started. I will never be that great at 3s, since I live in Utah (3 hours from evo). I can’t even participate in the 3s tournament at evo because I have no teammate around me :crybaby:. The closest arcade is 45 minutes away. So playing online is my only choice for now. But if I want to be the best that I can be, online is my main playing option as of now. I just hope more online tourney’s happen.

So ya moral of the story: If you don’t live near an arcade or any players, online is the best option. So too me GGPO is not a junk yard, it is a goldmine:party:


I played against the same people <5 on average, for the longest time and I got better. How? I have no idea.

Why am I even in this thread?

Edit: Underwater 3s. Hahahahahaha



Online play can be decent if you’ve got a good connection. Doesn’t compare to the real thing at all though.


Japanese GGPO [media=youtube]472ecrBAocE[/media] (pretty sure it’s KO/Kenzo)

so as you can see, it’s still hella playable haha




what controller do you use on GGPO?


i will only play online if its with yuuki :lovin::lovin::lovin:


That’s a very self-serving line of thought. “I only get to play online, certainly this means online isn’t worse, just different! Why won’t others see!?”. Ha.


tell that to Steve Nash



bodler I hope you’re doing your usual trollin bit. Playing GGPO online only gets you accustomed to people who mash mostly. I mean only a select few actually play the footsies game. Not to mention lag allows for idiotic tactics, which don’t work offline…like say akuma tatsu spam then grab bs. :xeye:

Yah, it’s the best training tool you have besides moving out to Socal. Except once you become like an average player trying to move into the intermediate/high level, like I am playing people becomes a chore.

I mean you have to play so many mashers before you see one decent person willing to give you a game. Like the good people are on once in a while on the East Coast…good WC people outnumber East coast at least at peak hours.

If I had a nickel for how many times I’ve had to block a random EX MGB or super…I mean cmon

I mean are you trying to say that a masher is gonna give pyrolee a run for his money? stop trolling :xeye:


Playing online makes some people parry happy, shit is too much of a risk in a real match, and I love it.


You do realize that Kobe Bryant was a soccer player for a long time and attributes that to his accurate footwork? I see what you’re saying and I agree with your point but that’s sort of a bad analogy.

I think GGPO is kind of like playing a more helpful version of 1p 3s. You can sort of practice your execution and set ups against other people with brains, but because of the connection, lag spikes, etc… it fucks up your timing when you go back to the arcade. It’s not probable but I think the best way to practice is by playing on on the arcade version (on a cabinet) with other good people at all times. Unfortunately, that’s impossible for 80% of the 3s community in the U.S. right now…