Online vs. Offline

I know there are already a few boards dedicated to this topic, but I recently had some frustration involving this issue and would like to get some insight. I recently went back to training to play online and found that I was unable to do many of the BnBs that I could pull off most of the time offline with my C.Viper. Now I know the lag is bad in UMvC3 but it is a bit discouraging when you can’t even finish a combo you’re used to doing. What I want to know is if you guys stick it out with your characters online and figure stuff out or if you play specific characters just to deal with the latency.


No seriously the online lag is bad and unplayable the majority of the time. The only time I have no lag game when literally they are in my region, I even practiced in training mode with 2 bars, but no point, only making my game worse.

I wouldn’t say unplayable but differently different if you want to just play for a bit of fun with some people it’s okay but if you want to get good go to tourneys etc… it wont help much but it is better than nothing. Also if you have no one local to play onlines your only choice anyway.

I only have the option of playing online, and it can be very frustrating if the connection isn’t at its best. My advice is to try to find people near you (like, <=6 hours drive) and add them to your friends list and only play with them. I train under perfect conditions in training mode and oftentimes play with a person who’s as far as California (i’m in Kentucky) and results are online messes with certain very specific things that doesn’t correlate to input delay. For example, my dante is horrible online because i generally mash out my safe sequence (dante being L,M,H,f.H), and as a chain no matter how fast i do this in training mode the inputs come out. online however, i’ll oftentimes simply not get the H or f.H, and this causes my bold cancel to mess up (gives me bold move without canceling into the teleport or dp.M). So to counteract this, i have to remove the L from the sequence.

In this sense, if your trying to do C.Vipers staircase combo, you could very well be screwed as i can’t do that combo on a offline connection (inputs are too fast) myself so i feel the online connection will probably just make the combo impossible. If the neutral game online is ok for you, i would try vipers other combos and simply never attempt the staircase loop online until you get someone who will let you practice it online and see if you can figure out a way around it. If your on xbox i won’t mind being your training dummy for a bit.

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Simply put, find people who are closest too you. If you or they have a crap connection its either your connections or someones slappin the salami later and got some DLs going on.

Either way offline is best.

yeah, it’s pretty tough because even if you play people within your region it is still really easy for the connection to be bad, wireless connections, streaming applications, bad routers/internal networks and so many other issues can very easily turn a connection that should be stable into unplayable crap.

The only advice i would give is to be picky about connections, give the game a second to actually test the connection before spamming ready (this game will show connections as 5 bar green while it’s waiting to confirm the actual strength of the connection). Lastly make sure that when you do find a good solid connection you invite that person to a player match or friends list… it’s the only way to make online bearable.