OnlineTony's SF4 Birthday Tournament At Bmarqs! 3/6/2010 Saturday!


Yeah Thats Right Yall…lol

We Gonna Have a SF4 Tournament At Bmarq’s Garage…
Just Like He runs His Casuals Almost Every Sunday…

Bmarq’s Nice Enough To Let me Run a Tournament In his Garage For my Birthday…
So I Wanna Have Fun For Once…

Main Will Be
SF4 Tournament…

I Will Run another Random Tourney Depending On Which Game It is…
Just for Fun…

ok For Now we Got


Starts From 1:00pm - 3:00pm To Sign Up For SF4

Pay: SF4 Tournament (5$ Bucks)
Random Not Chosen Yet Tourney…(3$ Bucks)

The Random Tourney Will start After The SF4 Is Done…
So Stick Around Guys…For Casuals And The Second Tourney…

((((((((Where At?))))))))

1510 Parmer Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90026
At BMarq’s Place…His Garage…Can’t Miss It…

(((((((ALL Systems Ready For Play))))))))

Tournament Will Be Run By “Xbox 360” (I’m Guessing)
“Ps3” On the Side For Anything else maybe SF4 as well…
“Dreamcast” With a Crap Lode Of Game In Case So Switch Game At Anytime…
“Regular Modded Xbox” CRAP Lode Of Game In There…
“Wii” The Wii Will Have a Hard-drive Connected For A Wide Variety Of Wii Games Selectable
"N64" We Might Have This But I’m Not Sure…I WANNA PLAY GOLDEN EYE!!
(We Might Run MAME On a Laptop For Fighter Games On a Projector)


Street Fighter 4

  • Street Fighter 4 Tournament will be conducted on the XBOX 360 Console only.
  • Games will be best 2 of 3 rounds.
  • Matches will be best 2 of 3 games.
  • Rounds will be standard 99 second rounds.
  • All player-selectable characters are allowed.
  • Blind select is available upon request.
  • Winner must stay with the same character - Loser may change characters.
  • Pausing and other special situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis by judges and at least two

((((((((House Rules))))))))

Please Respect BMarqs Garage OR ELSE!! lol
And Repect To All The Systems and Gadgets I Will Be Providing…

Here Some Of The Games That Will Be Suggested For The Random Tourney!!..

(NOTE: The Random Tourney Will Be Chosen By How many of U Guys Post Here on Which Game Should Be On For The Second Tourney…)

Controllers and Sticks Will Be Provided

  1. Def-Jam: Fight For New York {xbox} (1v1, 2v2):rock:
  2. NFL Blitz (2v2) {Old Skool With N64 But…Will Be Used On a Modded Xbox}:rock:
  3. Street Fighter: The Movie The Game {1v1} (MAME):wtf:
  4. SF4 ALL DAN Tourney! (1v1) :karate:
  5. Mortal Kombat 1 {1v1} (MAME On Xbox) :tup:
  6. Mario Kart 64??? (I’ll Need Glenn’s Help How To Run This lol)
  7. ???
  8. ???

(If Anyone Has Suggestions On Any other Fun Game For a Tourney…thats Not Normaly Played Go Ahead and Post Which I Should Look at)

Remember The Decision Will Be Made Day Of Tourney…
I’ll Be Counting On Which Game PPL Wanna Play Or not…


And Also Drinks/Food Will Be At The Tourney
Please Donate (Don’t Be Assholes!! )

Bmarq is SICK!! :woot:


lets go son~

twisted metal money matches yo

More game suggestions (I can bring any of the setups/games):
MarioKart Wii
Wii Bowling
Smash 64/melee
Tiger Woods '09 (wii)
Guitar Hero

I also have Blitz 2002 and a 64 if you wanna run it on the OG system

Depending on what time this starts I will most likely drunkenly stumble by.

Argh! This is the same day as the High Desert tournament!

Change your birthday will ya!?

i thought you have a birthday party to go to…???

I do, which is why I asked WHAT TIME DOES IT START? If it starts too late then I can’t go. Going to the high desert is an all day type of thing.

More Likely We Will Start Around from

So We Can Get OUr Drink On Early…lol

Man Hell Na Wonder Chef…

Either U Drive far as fuck or have a good time…

ur choice…lol

Im down for some DJFFNY

Original Super Smash Brothers on N64.

This sounds like fun. Count me in.

Any New Skool Games r =/…
anyways i’m might bring my hacked wii with a shit load of games in da harddrive in it…

but about the blitz…i’ll probably also bring a DREAMCAST along with a crap load of burned games including blitz

…i came from the smash brawl community…this doesn’t count…sort of…lol
down for some casuals though…lol

Mario Kart 64??? That’s what I’m talking about! I’ll see if I can make it.

you know as well as anyone everyone of the smash games are completely dif, and I left off brawl so you wouldn’t smash on everyone :rofl:

**Oh hell yeah, im there. **

- MKvsDC/UMK3 < Yeah son! lol :tup:

And oh shit @ MK1… lol :nunchuck:


u and i should know who would enter umk3 and be in da finals…lol

MKvsDC??? hell naw…i saw ur videos…sick shit…so easy money for u?? lol

Yeah Krazyie u down for some mk1??? lol

I Love That Game…Its Crazy When All 4 players Know How To Play at High level…lol

Man Tony, you play like every fighting game ever made don’t you?

I vote for MKDC too d=