Only 5 pre-registrants for CEO? WAKE UP EAST COAST SG PLAYERS!


After Alex Jebailey goes out of his way to support the game and add Skullgirls to the CEO roster, only 5 people up and pre-reg. I’m sorry but this is just pathetic (and I’m sure it’ll piss @DaRabidDuckie off once he hears about it). At this point, everyone knows that the game’s biggest problem is that nobody shows up to tournaments (despite being IMO, a more solid fighter than most of the top games out there). So, if you’re from the Florida, or the East Coast and you support and play this game, then you should pre-register right now.

And before you start with the usual excuses, here’s what DRDuckie wrote on the Skullgirls forums exactly on this same subject.

Skullheart: The Official Skullgirls Forum (it's where everyone actually goes)!

Actually, it’s seven people.

And yeah, I’m disappointed.


Such a bummer. West coast here (otherwise i’d be the 8th registrant lol), and I’m proud to say Vegas’ Skullgirls community is starting officially this week (if anyone is reading this and wants to come to casuals tomorrow, PM me for details)…

We gotta get exposure for this game like crazy…


I’m not in any way surprised, it’s an anime game and anime players are notorious for not supporting their game.

I’ll be surprised if Skullgirls Evo gets more than 30 legit entries. The rest will be people (like JWong) that enter for the $ but drop it right after.


A couple things:

  • Florida tourneys are mad fun. The Orlando crew are all good peeps. Go hang out.
  • Jebailey both runs a good tournament and is fun at parties. Go hang out.
  • It’s your game guys. Go hang out.

In short, go hang out.


Well the purpose of this thread I’m assuming is to actually find the 5 or so tournament players that do hang out in the East Coast area to go to CEO. I myself am not a tournament player, although I do play online (PS3). However since I do live on the East Coast, players that are interested in the tournament can contact me and we can see if we can work something out getting you there.


I live in RI and can’t afford a trip to Florida. I’m sorry. I am able to make it to Guts in Boston, and might be making it to ECT. This is the best I can do.


Actually I was being generous, Only 4(Ninja Edit, made a mistake 7 have indeed pre-regged) have pre regged for Skullgirls at CEO so far lol one of which is Justin Wong. Even he’s trying to support the community.

This is the Pre-Reg List for CEO so far, I’m caught up til last week and this is no indication of final turnout since everyone always waits til the last second to show up.

As it stands with such a low turnout for Skullgirls, the tournament will be run Friday starting at 2 with the Final 3 being streamed Around 6/7 pm on Friday on the CeoGaming Channel.

Thank you for your continued support and have a Jebaileyful Day!


I’m from Orlando and I’m competing in skullgirls, I just haven’t registered yet.


You should go anyway.

Go pre-register now!


I really want to go go my only problems are getting there (I’m all the way in MD,) and money for gas, hotel, entry fees. (I have really bad medical problems, so I can’t work most jobs, and the doctors are still trying to figure out what’s wrong with me.) So getting good isn’t really problem, but everything else is. How much does first place get? Will it cover everything I mentioned earlier?

I really want to go, but there’s a lot keeping me back :l.


okay Keith I am going to send you a PM.


he didn’t say away.


Yes, I don’t know how people always quote me so fast, but I had just noticed the error before I could edit my post. I have resources, I just don’t have the time. I would rather help someone else get there, then me go personally.


Tsk tsk tsk. I understand I usually get typos when typing from mobile. But being misread when I didn’t have a typo makes me sad. :frowning:


I really am disgusted, last year Skullgirls had 100+ people at UFGT and i thought that was a great start for the community. I would be there this year to support the game even on the xbox version, but prom came up and I have no money. If I could I would make it to every Skullgirls major. This is the problem we have, people say that they want to play the game but most don’t go out to events or support the community. We have people like the ever so great Jebailey and Keits and the other TO’s that are putting this game in their majors. The only problem is us the players aren’t doing their part. Guys we shouldn’t need huge pot bonuses to go and support the game that we love.


It’s funny, I just took another look at the CEO registration and it looks not a single person from the East Coast signed up for Skullgirls, so we actually need someone there to represent East Coast. Anyway I’m already talking to some people and I found some cheap tickets, so the only thing that’s missing is some players willing to split hotel fees.

If Jebailey is still here, I have an question. When I tried change the hotel time from 11 days to 3 days, the hotel price per night jumped from $90 to $150. Is that supposed to happen? Or did I mess up reapplying the CEO group discount?


I would love to go to any tournament period, but I don’t have a job currently and just about everyone in my local fg community say that I live too far away to give me a ride and I do offer gas money.

Also, How the hell do I change the forum skin?


Attend, you bastards. I’d totally go if I didn’t live in Edmonton and could afford to take the trip.


Whereabouts are you located? If it’s somewhere in the US we can probably hook you up with someone to get you a ride.