Only 8 fights?


Im playing street fighter iv on my pc and its ends after just 8 opponents . Seth is always the last one bision is not coming … i want to know how can i play against every opponent and every boss

Please help me out … how many stages are the in SF IV


Seth is the last boss, this isn’t SF2


yes but im not able to fight against every charachter … only 8 fighters … is it normal ?


Yes, arcade mode goes through 6 random characters, your character’s rival match and then Seth


This is one of those times where I’m not sure if this is a serious thread or a joke thread.

Sometimes I feel like fighters should just get rid of the single player stuff altogether, TF2-style. Minus Training Mode and Trials, that sort of thing.


If you wanna play everyone just go to VS and select to play against the CPU, mind you will need to unlock all chars before you can select to play against them.


There’s also the TIme Attack and Survival Challenges. I know a couple of them feature the entire cast.


Thanks for quick replies .


This thread made me remember that my SSFII MegaDrive version had a full battle option, I always picked that and than you fought everyone and skipped the bonus stages instead. I also hated short Arcade modes back in the day, but now with online modes it doesn’t really mean much anymore.

Although I would still like an option to play every single character in the Aracade Mode, just for fun :smile: