Only all the Shadowloo Dolls playable can increase SFV sales, respect, popularity and daily use


making all the Shadowloo Dolls playable in all versions of SFV would increase its value and begin to have a lot more people buy and play the game overall.

the Shadowloo Dolls are the perfection of the Street Fighter universe and only having each Shadowloo Doll playable can begin the golden age.

while there are PC mods, that can’t compare to Capcom officially making all the Shadowloo Dolls playable

and money is no object to Shadowloo Dolls fans and Street Fighter fans in general. as the saying goes “build it and they will come”, making all Shadowloo Dolls would profoundly take Street Fighter to greater heights and epicness.

Street Fighter universe is made whole because of the Shadowloo Dolls, so the playable roster in SFV should include all the Shadowloo Dolls playable, each one as their own playable fighter that can be chosen and played as.

the Street Fighter universe has meaning because of the Shadowloo Dolls.

Eventually Street Fighter VI should let players create and play as their own Shadowloo Doll and expand the Shadowloo Dolls to greater prosperity and power.

if Capcom chooses to add all the Shadowloo Dolls playable in SFV/SFV:AE, and done right, that will greatly benefit in profit, popularity and respect.


I say we go a step further and replace all the characters with Cammy.
Why play other characters when Cammy is in the game?


Because you already have Arcana Heart for a waifu fighter


they are each different. you know if they actually make each of all the Shadowloo Dolls playable, a lot of fans will play as them instead of Cammy and others.

and if people wanna argue about clones, Mortal Kombat’s ninjas for generations were clones, literally color swaps of the same actor/actresses even, with only their specials and finishers making them stand out in moveset. even now with different costumes, they still share general mechanics. so its hypocritical to say all the Dolls are the same, when MK ninjas are generally the same. the Dolls too have their differences.

so each Shadowloo Doll matters, and SFV already established a foundation that can enable the devs to complete their movesets and make all the Shadowloo Dolls playable a reality. not just one, not just several but all of them. ok the only one exception would be Juni, because of story reasons, but all the other Shadowloo Dolls fought during SFV scenario, some didn’t have gameplay, only cutscenes, but literally they have a huge headstart in making them all playable, and they would be low cost, high reward making them all playable

a lot of SF fans won’t buy/play SFV/SFV:AE until the Shadowloo Dolls are all playable. they are not done with SFV expansions and DLCs, so it is still possible. and the strange silence from Capcom about the Shadowloo Dolls, when they are the most memorable characters in the SFV story, it seems Capcom is aiming for quantity with quality, so they could be planning to add them to SFV:AE all at once when they are ready, with each of them being their own selectable playable fighter.


All would be overkill, but I’d die with a tease like this


Dude, just google search some hentai, your argument is very generic. There will always be people being attracted to new characters, dolls or anything else.


I feel like they should be a bonus season. especially if we are halfway through this game.


They’re already in the game. I don’t mind seeing them as fully-developed playable characters.


Step 1: Chose an active volcano

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Cease and desist!!! You are giving Shadaloo a bad name with your inundated Doll ramblings.


Oh ffs now affinity is invading this forum too?


I don’t recognize this foul creature. Who is it and what does it seek? Can we bargain with it so that it may leave us alone?


Affinity shills for games that no one really cares about and is sexist(hates men). Which is why she demands and believes that the dolls can improve SFV drastically. She always pushes for more females in games because vagina.

Like I said, she’s hates men and is extremely bitter.


^that was painful to get through. Can’t imagine being that warped to actually type and subscribe to that nonsense.

Affinity must be the Borg Queen of SJWs.


How can you possibly hate men? I mean yes, they can stupid, cruel, ignorant, and frustrating to deal with but ultimately they are so wonderful, vital, and sexually titillating. And when they are funny, that’s just icing on the cake :heart: . So whatever social injustice they may inflict is inevitably balanced by the collective love and worship of penis.


I am gay and definitely not biased.


On a more serious note, does she not recognize that the Dolls are the antithesis of female empowerment. They are a harem of 12 females who live and die at the beck and call of one most badass of men. They are quite literally tools for Bison and the very definition of objectified females. One of them even has the biggest tits of any female character in the franchise and THAT is her most defining feature.

If you are gonna shill for female empowerment, vote for Rose 2018. Vote for a varied representation of females, ones that have characterizations that do not hinge on them being underage-looking and succulently appealing to general straight male appetites. The Dolls do not represent female empowerment, they more closely represent the subjugation of and domination over females by the Patriarchy. This @affinity can’t even do social justice warrioring right. SHAME.


Ah, another lost soul. Don’t worry, there will always be room in Lord Abigail’s arms for latecomers.


Noembelu with axes is worthy of being playable.


Put the dolls in crack.


Wait… you telling me this is not just some dude wanting more fap material?
I’m mindblown.