Only allowed 5 ignores? :|


Or maybe you can avoid threads or interactions of those who you dislike/disagree with.
And reserve the ignores for those who actually SPAM the forums.


We should also demand Cisco’s unban.


Those who actually Spam don’t need to be ignored because they’ll eventually get banned anyway so it’s irrelevant.

But you’re saying that, everyone should avoid threads of people they don’t like. So in other words you want them to leave the board entirely because they’re butthurt and should get over it.


But then most people on SRK would only be able to see their own posts.


2 benched bitches well spent.


We probably won’t get an answer until after EVO, but some of you should mention this to Wiz in Vegas. I’d bring it up but I ain’t going to EVO this year.


put orochizoolander 5 times in there

annoying midget always being annoying


That change is probably like 1 line of code smh


Or they should just grow up and forget it happens. But that is assuming people are reasonable.

So yeah if they are so butthurt they should quit. There is so many gluttons for punishment on SRK.

[Edit] so Cutwest the guy who had me on Ignore in a lame screen shot, the very next post has me in quotes.


Alright, you heard the man. What we should ask for is the elimination of the ignore list. True spammers get banned anyway, so otherwise people need to learn to deal with it. Time to learn real life skills, you can’t ignore list people outside the internet.


Perhaps, but every ignored save is memory that tied up for settings instead of posts and messages.
Maybe the forum engine can only handle only so many ignores?


Five? That’s way too many. It should be reduced to zero ignores. I notice that people tend to hide behind the ignore function when they start losing arguments. By removing the ignore function completely you give people more impetus to start acting like adults instead of calling their opponents “fagets” and running away shrieking with their fingers in their ears

I didn’t know they limited the ignores here though, that’s a good start.


Yeah, that makes sense!


Actually I rather just ignore idiots on here. It is pretty to ignore people in real life, all you have to do is never talk to them or see them again.


All right, that’s cool!


I actually never noticed we had an ignore button until reading this thread


Except if you frequent General Discussion you’re subject to joke account and bots and trolls. A high number of them, too. I ain’t about that and I’d rather read about ass eating uninterrupted thank you very much.


Yeah, I see.


Bottomless ignore would make me post semi-regularly again. Whether you consider that a pro or a con, there it is.


^-- For you, I’ve bumped up your Ignore list slots so that you have 15 unused slots to play with now.

edit: And the current Ignore list limit is 20 these days.