Only facebook users allowed to comment on front page now? Not cool, guys

I have an SRK account and it should be enough. Why do I need facebook to make a reply on an SRK page?

I know it guarantees that I will never post any comments again, not that I posted that many to begin with. It’s a hassle and I really don’t want my facebook friends to see me commenting on SRK’s shit. Poor choice in my opinion.

Yeah, I don’t like it either. I hardly use my FB as it is.

Oh that’s why I can’t post on the front page anymore? shrugs w/e

So far, there is 99% less trolling, and that is something I can get behind.

Front page conversations were shitty in the first place. At least now you get to put a face to the person who said the stupid shit, or the posts will get better. I don’t think posting will get better.

Edit: Wizard on top with the correction, apparently they have.

I guess to promote SRK more and to prevent the Trollers.

Edit: Oh wait. Mr Wizard already pointed it out.

I thought it is a really good idea promotional wise. Now every SRK’ers friends know there is a website called Shoryuken.

Also, there’s 99% less posting, and I for one will be 99% less front page visiting.

I dunno about you guys, but it’s fairly easy to troll anyways.

After all, nobody said that you had to use *your *account. Or that you couldn’t make a new one.

So anyways, I’m off to troll the front page from now on. Thanks for introducing more social networking bullshit to SRK. Now I know **who **I’m going to mess with on the rest of the internet!

Let’s make all the forums like that, it should prevent trolling.

Do not like.

Just another thing. The new article layout is *ugly. *I mean as in, go bitchslap the guy responsible for this, because he done fucked up. Bullet points, terrible spacing, tons of empty space, fugly icons, lines across the screen, etc. I won’t say fire him, because it could just be a work in progress (which would also reflect adversely on his competence), but whoever the hell his boss is better ride his ass until he cleans it up, because it is horrible.

THis my feelings exactly maybe SRK can just have mre strict mods maybe???

I won’t be dropping comments on the front page as regularly, but I endorse this anti trolling measure.

Funny how people get more civilized when they have to show their face right next to their opinion. =)

Connect SRK with your real life…who the hell cares, man up.

If its that big a deal for you then either
A.) get friends who dont care that you play and talk about fighting games
B.) Stop playing and talking about fighting games

Exactly this isn’t solving the problem its a lame way to put a bandage on it. FRont page SHOULD be the easiest to keep trols out of.
SRK could learn some things from Testyourmight. When a troll shows up EVERYONE shits on them and they leave.
Whatever tho I guess you’ll have to go to threads to laugh at comment now. I’m actually sad it came to this lol “fuck it lets see who these asses are put them on blast”

The front page was a complete shit-hole and gave a terrible impression of SRK to first time or infrequent visitors to the site. Look at the Angry Joe and the Persona articles; at the time of me writing this, the former has maybe a couple (at best, depending on your definition) troll posts and the latter has *none *(which is a miracle considering that it’s an “anime” game). That’s a huge decrease of what would most likely be there back in the old format, which is a good thing in my book.

my parents can never find out that i play video games

the front page was horrible because of all the trolls and troll accounts. Best way is to stop trolling but people did it anyway because they could get away with saying stupid shit and not get penalized.

This change is just strange. Oh well, got to learn to adapt I guess :confused: