Only know ryu, trying to learn chun but I frankly don't know how one goes about "learning" new char


Like subject says well she’s my first sf 5 char I’m learning cos I only ever use Ryu and to put it bluntly… aside from doing her trials I don’t really know how one goes about learning a new char. It may sound stupid but I would appreciate tips about stuff I should do in training mode and more importantly things like what should I use for the dummy and the recordings, etc. Er, I guess this applies to any char really.


best thing for me if the game has been release for a while is to fine a tutorial on youtube. longer the video sometimes the better because the creator might go into more detail with each move then and some people who only put out like 6 minute then a combo video.

here’s a few from short to long


Well, what do you know about Ryu?

What buttons are good pokes? What are my anti-airs? My jump in attacks? How do I hitconfirm and convert to damage?

Alright, now figure it out for Chun Li. Or watch some youtube video guide, there’s probably like 10 of 'em…


Chin discord is pretty active:"]


The beauty of SF5, and an often overlooked awesome feature, is the replay system in the game. You can go check the leaderboards for the best, highest ranked Chun in the world, then go view their most recent matches against whatever character you want!!! And people have the nerve to say that SF5 sucks!! It’s the ONLY game with this feature right now and it’s a game changer. When I was a kid it would have been amazing to be able to watch Justin Wong’s matches in SF2 on SNES or Alex Valle’s.


SF5 does suck tho


Compared to what? If that’s the case then Tekken sucks. It’s even more barebones that SF5 was at release. But people don’t talk shit about that game like they do SF. I’m beginning to think people just like to talk shit about things, especially if everyone else it doing it. Lemmings.


Tekken has a ton more to do than when sf5 released so not sure what your referring to. The core gameplay is also not enjoyed by a large amount of people as you can tell by literally any place you go to read about sf5. The most I see people defend it is because this is their first sf so they have nothing to compare it to.

I’m a street fighter fan but I’m also not going to blindly follow a terrible product just because it has a legacy attached to it. Capcom has continued to let us down over and over with this game and they’ve had plenty of time to fix things.


Lol what? I don’t really care about Tekken or SF5 but SF5 released with 16 characters, survival mode, and online. Console Tekken 7 has 39 characters on launch, a story mode, and character customization so I don’t know how you think that’s “barebones,” especially compared to SF5.