Only running SSF4 AE @ 25 FPS

So for some reason when I play SSF4 AE the max fps it runs at is about 25. Idk if the problem is my computer or something else but can anyone help me? Here are my computer specs:

Intel® Pentium® Dual CPU E2160 @ 180GHz 1.80 GHz
2.00 GB RAM
Windows 7 Professional 32-bit Operating System
System Model: G41D3G
Memory: 2048MB RAM
DirectX 11
Intel® G41 Express Chipset

I’m not sure if that’s what you guys need for computer specs but that’s all I could find (I’m new to these things) Thanks in advance guys!

Turn down your graphics. You’re running on integrated.

You have an integrated video card, which gives lower performance. More ram would help your system too, but you can probably get more FPS if you turn down some of the settings like AA, model quality, and the like. Also, make sure you don’t have other programs running in the background when playing. I left Google chrome up and had a 50fps drop.

What resolution are you playing at?

I’m already playing on the lowest of all settings, but I also keep Chrome open whenever I play. I might try playing when its closed next time

Even on the lowest settings I wouldn’t expect a consistent frame rate with that computer as integrated cards aren’t meant for gaming

Yeah, thats what I thought. But is there any way to increase my FPS without having to replace any parts or buying/making a new computer?

Sadly, any tweaks you could do would only yield maybe a bonus .3 FPS which is not the desired effect. If I were you, I’d browse my local Craig’s List or local computer store and pick up a “decent” graphics card. I wouldn’t go buck wild here, you could probably find something in the $100-200 range that’d be a HUGE, HUGE HUGE step up from the integrated graphics processor/card.

Also - from there - you can ‘overclock’ the new graphics card (of course, at your own discretion) if you would like to squeeze everything you can out of it. There’s hardly a thing you can do with the ‘integrated’ chip sets.


You can try the stage mods I have been working on which do help performance. Just make sure to backup the originals. Here. Go to the simplified stages section. Still a work in progress but I have finished about 8 stages thus far. Hope it helps!

Low settings = no stage at all. :wink:

True, if the frame rate is still bad even with no stage then my mods wouldn’t help. Who really plays with the low setting on background stages? :rofl: