Only up direction working on my 360 wireless arcade stick , wtf

I ONLY hooked up the directions and the start and guide button.
i am doing a wireless 360 arcade stick to a sanwa jlf with omron switches .i have early version xbox 360 controller.
i hooked up the direction (up , down , left and right ) directly to the microswitches . signal and source .
no direction works except the UP direction. i even tryed swapping source and ground around but to no avail .:mad:
i need some advice.

post pics

i am soldering all directions button through the via points .
left right and down arent working

I’m confused. I’ll admit I’m no pro at padhacking, so excuse my ignorance. but you’re using the vias on the back of the pad right or front? and you’re doing ground wiring for the omron switches? How does this work. Shouldn’t you be daisy chaining from the common signals? If you’re soldering onto the front of the pad on the d-pad, then I dunno. I’ve never managed to get the copper vias on the d-pad to function properly as the vias just fall off or don’t respond. they’re shitty.

wow, you should post some pictures man. can’t help you out there without seeing the problem first.

i have been following this matrix for the points

this is your pcb right…

Looking at that I would of thought you could just solder the signal wires from the d-pad onto the L/R/D/U switches… And then use the common and daisy chain onto the ground on the switches…

Did you cut the traces on your JLF pcb? Your controller isn’t common ground, and the JLF has all of the grounds ran together by default. If you just soldered the wires to the switches without messing with the board they’re on, that’s likely the problem.

yeah, i did cut all traces on the jlf pcb board . and i dont know how to daisy chain . it looks complicated.
but from what i am doing i dont think i need to do that.
i already have made a custom arcade stick with a wired controller , but i dont know why i am having this problem with the wireless???

i also been following this

since your joystick is a jlf, why not just get a wiring harness? it makes life so much easier since you don’t need to daisy chain.

ok, i just hooked up all buttons and pad wires to their respective points .
the only buttons that are working are :

button A
button B