Only YOU can help me beat a scrub Ken!



So, what’s the plan, people. I’m doing something wrong, I just know it. What works best against mr ‘combo everything into a my kicky super?’


What exactly do you have problems with? If it’s always getting caught in a combo into SA3 then you pretty much have to keep him at a distance cuz most of his combos that I can think of involves him getting close such as doing it off of (most cases), x3, close mp->hp, c.hp, etc.

Alex has plenty of tools to keep people at a distance like f+mp, crouching mp, standing hk (use it only when you want to push the guy out further from an arm’s length), standing mk.

Also what does he do when he’s at a distance? Which super do you often use? What do you often try to do and what’s your usual strategy?