Ono asking for AE rebalance requests

Love the cover.

wow hey lets all get fucken milked AGAIN… same story. add two more characters to complete the select screen to definitely milk us again. WTFFMLMAOMG

inb4 all the horny nerds troll or fantasize about adding R.Mika, Karin, Juli, Juni, or some other lame cookie cutter characters so they can fap to it

edit: inb4 Elena and Poison request, and any other silly and cliche character

oh trollno

wow wtf. im going to start taking bets that they fix a load of stuff but then introduce new nerfs that fuck everything up again. talk about taking the fucking piss.

How about not nerfing things that don’t need to be nerfed.

Looks at yun oh yeah…nerf the fuck out of his please. no skilled required character…

While Yun is an amazing character, no doubt. He is not a no skilled character at all. Quite the contrary with that it takes alot of skill to use him to his maximum potential imo. You’ll see this in true force at Evo I would imagine with a bunch of randoms in pools using him getting bodied.

I can attest to Yun needing skill. Go online at any time and most Yun dickriders are really ass, playing zero footsies and not capitalizing on mistakes or doing nice resets etc. But once you fight a good Yun…you will want him to be nerfed BADLY.

Please don’t actually listen to the scrubs on Unity
Please don’t actually listen to the scrubs on Unity
Oh God Please don’t actually listen to the scrubs on Unity

ONO has decided to build himself a house made of tears and whining

want to help? let us know!

dear ono,

i love street fightr and sf4 is, my favortie game ever, however? could you plz make is so that ryu cant spam fierballs all the time, its a realy good game but all the spammrs online ruin it thx. just take out some of the cheap stratiges and it w/ be perfect thx

also here are some of my ideas for dlc costumes for camy:

nurse uniform
cosplay as morgan from ds

Take out fireball spam? You must be trolling lol

No way. That was a very good and serious suggestion.

2 things, love how yun and yang are on the cover, but yeah, i want less safe attacks for the twins, im pretty sure almost every one of their specials and ultras are safe on block

DO NOT NERF YANG…he is top tier not op. When it comes to yun just make his dive kicks more like yang’s and that’s about it, if you haven’t developed a strategy to fight yun by now well you still have time.

From what I’ve been hearing, Yang is harder to use than Yun, but some feel he’s even better than Yun.

make dirty bull a one frame grab obviously

Vanilla: under balanced
Chocolate: Almost Perfect
Hogan dos ice cream: Worse then Vanilla

[S]which just doesn’t make sense, it should be delicious.[/S]

Chocolate Bacon: Almost Perfect again!

Yeah, let’s nerf the twins and Fei to death until they are unplayable, that’ll make everything better…

@ Yang is harder to use than Yun:
They play differently, Yang is more like a footsie character while Yun has more momentum in the air. Both are equaly good imo.

-_- I love when people talk on shit like this. Yun takes skill to use, you can’t just pick him up and start pushing buttons and shit magically happens.

Blaziner @Yoshi_OnoChin Ono, your a fucking prick. Give us back the fucking game we payed for you stupid money grubbing fuck face.

Not really a “balance” change per se, but if a new version is to be released, add a new mechanic like a guard meter system or something. We’ve been playing more or less the same game for 2-3 years, and its getting kind of stale.