Ono asking for AE rebalance requests

ill punch you out bitch

I fail to understand why on earth you would want to do that but OK.

yun/yang bitch is gonna get choked.

im sorry but i beg to differ.
you can just keep pressing buttons and get a full combo for his super.
his dive kick stuffs almost everything and you its faster then yangs and rufus

you can’t cross im up because his anti air auto corrects

you probably use him im guessing

Yup is bullshit - I’m getting bored of AE so had to do this. :slight_smile:


But people are right, every character requires some sort of skill to unlock their potential.
It’s just that yun stuffs everything my character can do most of the time so thats why i say this hahaha

fixed that for ya

return of the TKCS.

return of Seth’s stretchy arms and non-whiffing stomps.

return of the mack

Glad I stopped buying Capcom games.

The story so far:

Sagat Fighter 4
Super Turtle Fighter 4
Super Street Fighter 4: Divekick Edition

The game is very balanced. All they need to do is to make Yun’s super safe moves less safe. Yang is alright in my account. He needs more skill to play but is more versatile than Yun as well.
As a side bonus, c’mon capcom, buff Fuerte, Vega and other ‘low’ tiers like Sakura/Makoto. I want to have some fun with all the cast…

Makoto is fine from what ive been through. I see alot more makoto players online

buff hakan more.

Make everyone Yun-tier.

Then yun will be dan.

this guy is hero

Makoto’s like top 10 in AE so I don’t know what you’re talking about there. Sakura isn’t quite as good but she’s pretty good now. She was underrated in Super anyway.

But yeah, Fuerte and Vega you’re right about.

That song is amazing, time to rock out all day erryday.

If anyone is reading this, either revert the butchering you did to spiral arrow, or let it break armor. You know how much of a joke Spin Knuckle is? It’s like putting a big “FUCK ME IN THE ASS” sign and running into them. Jesus christ WHY CAPCOM WHY

vega is just fine, ppl dont know how to use him thats all (i do hate the u2 nerf tho)

I wouldn’t complain if he got buffed somehow, but I think he is still fine as he is.