Ono interested in nintendo vs capcom


Ono: Nintendo x Capcom? Ask Sakurai! at C3 News

[nintendo joke] [capcom joke]


no thanx


No. Just no. Maybe add Ryu in the next Smash Bros. That’s it. That’s all they have to do.

Now SF vs MK… Bring it on.


Ok Ono is smoking to much now…


Shakunetsu Hadouken vs Fire Flower fireball?! COLOR ME HYPED.

Ken vs Lugi! Gouki vs Wario! C’mon guys.

Sounds like a blast:shake:



Actually, this… could work in a strange way.

Capcom x Nintendo by Capcom, and a Smash-styled Nintendo x Capcom by Nintendo (if Sakurai took tripping out).

Captain Falcon is going to be god-tier, though. He just has to be.


As long as it plays like an SSB game, I’m in.


Err… I doubt we’ll see this happen. I don’t really even want to see it happen. I’d much rather see MK vs SF. It’d be stellar to see what Capcom could do with MK characters.


Dear god just no!

It´s time for a new Capcom vs SNK game or something completley new like Capcom x Arc System


A 2d fighter with Nintendo characters would be badass.

Dunno why people are bringing smash into this.If Nintendo vs Capcom happened the game would be removed from that entire style,at least thats how I’d like to see it.

Samus in a street fighter engine would be sick.


So, Ono dragging his feet about a Darkstalkers game but he wants to make a Nintendo/Capcom crossover?

Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit.


Why ask Sakurai? Do we really want/need items, shortcuts, and tripping?



I approve of this post.



Dunno about you guys but, this sounds great to me.
Puts on flame shield


Well, by the looks of things Nistuma is doing a far better job of a new VS game than SxT (SF4 engine, sweet man), can’t he do it?


SxT can not be judge by any degree currently. There is NO sign of how that game is going to turn out, other than two guys on stage mashing buttons on a very very very very early demo.


It’s fucking Ono, we all know he is just trolling.


At this point, I’d rather have a current-gen Capcom vs. SNK 3
than anything else.


Fuck outta here with that shit.

SF VS MK? YES! (Let Capcom be responsible for development though.)



Put a mob hit on Sakurai, make the game in the style of MvC3, put an awesome roster in, I’m sold.

This has the potential to be really good, really bad, or to not happen at all. My money is on the last outcome.