Ono = King of Trolls

I’m pretty sure you guys read the front page:

I’ll admit, I thought AE was finally gonna put this shit to rest. But I was wrong. This is not a “maybe.” It’s a yes. And Ono has successfully trolled the entire fighting game. In 20 years when Ono is dead, there shall be newer mini-Ono’s following in his steps to milk our kid’s money as well.

We are doomed.
No, really… we got trolled pretty badly.

Gettings consumers to buy your product != trolling

Why not? They make good games.

You just dont understand how business works. Good thing you dont run one.

telling your consumers that there will be no SSFIV for arcade, pc, no AE for console, pc, this is the last version of SF4 we swear it, oops no this isn’t the last one, “maybe” we will make more. Ono clearly stating that he trolls as a part of his job != trolling

I’ll buy another piece of DLC that gives Guile his testes back.

Thing is, He and Capcom got our money. Mission accomplished.


they said the exact same fucking thing about ssf4 and then made ssf4ae

why did anyone believe them this time

that is pure gold! I agree to!

fuck guile make vega as good as he was in ST

I’ll buy it if they give us another 4 or more characters. I really enjoy this iteration of SF and don’t feel I need SF5 just yet.

Dude he isnt a troll, he isnt some nameless poster on some forum. You kids today are too funny. :lol:

Anyways, the only thing I see coming to AE is making a balance patch and maybe 1 more character.

I don’t know. Wiki defines “In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory,extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2]

Seems to fit his twitter kinda.

What comes after nameless forum poster? What happens when he gets a name?

off-topic is a step too far, imo. inflammatory trolling isn’t even trolling, that’s more of an internet tough guy stance. E-bros, as I like to call em. Extraneous might as well fall under off topic because themed message boards don’t leave much room for off topic banter when simply saying the word ryu fits the paradigm. SF. Simply talking about something(on topic, you need your audience) in an attempt to illicit an optional, I mean emotional, response sounds about right.

The emotion is usually laughter, but srk seems to have forgotten that and given in to “internet eiquette”. lol.


If you look around the SFIV/MVC3 boards, a troll is defined as “someone who doesn’t agree with you”.

I’m not gonna complain if they wanna add more to the game that’s for sure!

capcom “brings back” the fighting game genre with sf4. Capcom then re-buries the fighting game genre with sf4+++. What a big surprise, people are cool with being trolled and milked. I wonder whats next for our planet. Maybe women who enjoy being raped in a damp dark alley?