"Ono!" move set modifier for Ultra SFIV (PC)


Is there or will there be an updated version of the Ono! editor utility available for USFIV? I’ve tried the one in existence and although it allows for editing of the game’s BCM files, the edited files won’t load.

Anyone know what I’m talking about here and whether this thing will / can work with the latest version of the game?



The updated ono can be found Here

As for the game loading them, there is hash protection on the files, you need a patcher / patched file to load them.

The remix launcher is the only one i know of publicly available, You can find that Here

Eternity, the mod project I’m associated with will also have a launcher, when released will be available Here

Good luck with your modding adventures, hope this was helpfull


Thanks for the info. However, I can’t get the mods to run, even if I run the game through the Remix Launcher executable. The game launches, but if I choose the character whose BCM file I’ve modded, it just hangs at the character portrait screen, same as before. The command window for the Remix Launcher reads:
Waiting for AE to start
Launching AE!
Attached to AE Process
Waiting to patch or confirm that we have already patched!

I just changed an input command (Hawk’s Raging Slash to require only LK to activate), just to test if the mods will launch or not. …seemingly not.


Run remix launcher as Administrator.


It works now, thanks. Forgot to move all the character files to the new ‘Remix’ folder that comes with the launcher… d’oh!

Sometimes it doesn’t load the Remix folder (wherein the modding should happen), but a restart (or two) fixes this.