Ono on the future of fighting games: customization, and gems are only the beginning

From SRK’s frontpage:

Just what I’ve always wanted, Pokemon and Street Fighter combined into one glorious… thing

Yeah this pretty much solidifies me not buying SFxT

Yeah he needs to go and go quickly. Ono is really forcing the direction of sf into something it isnt and never was. This genre doesn’t benefit from customizable characters beyond appearance .All he is doing is watering down fighting games so anybody can play. I mean it’s a damn video game its easily accessible as is .Why create a game where skill and expierence can be a non factor .its like those games on Facebook where you can make your character stronger and stronger by buying items. it won’t be about who is the better player it will be about who can afford the better items.
He needs to quit looking at mmorpgs and cod for inspiration not every game needs to pat you on the back and tell you look how good you are just for playing .This is not good at all this very scary ifths continues we need to start our companies and abandon the big guys.

Could be interesting, probably plays into his whole two sepearate Street Fighter series idea.

Sucks for veteran players and long-time fans who took the game very seriously.

On the other hand, I can see this being great news for indie developers and any other FG companies not trying to cater to casuals.

Hey, he wants to bring back EX groove from CV2 and this time make it purely legal.

the beginning of the end, lol…

Anyways there is a lot of companies still in the genre with new ideas and good implementations, 1 company =/= the entire genre.

Can we not argue the bullshit “omg it’s for casuals” point, please? Because a) that’s not the issue and 2) “casual” is, always has, and always will be a really dumb, misleading term.

pile of shit
That’s what I was thinking of

This sounds like a terrible, terrible idea from a competitive standpoint. But it also sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Kind of like how Mario Party can be fun.

So another thread saying Super Dragon Ball Z was ahead of its time.

i wonder how bad a post-SF4 capcom fighting game would have to be to not be a main game at evo

Character customization is good as long as it’s not tied to DLC. That’s when it becomes pay-to-win like the gem system in SFxT.

I’m all for this as long as it’s more significant than ‘you do 10% more damage for 10 seconds after hitting someone 5 times’. Give me elaborate skill trees that allow me to tailor my character to my play style and I’ll be all over this.

The only way this could be an issue is if it somehow trivialized elements of player skill, if for example a certain combination of choices is so powerful that it is the only viable option, and winners are just determined by who can hit A first. Introducing elements of true randomness is also a risk, but people tend to irrationally prefer non-random options, so it’s unlikely to have a real impact on competition unless, again, they just blatantly dominate. Now, those things are certainly very real risks, and I doubt anyone is particularly eager to hand the reins to Ono here, but they don’t just automatically fall out of every system as some mathematical consequence.

In any case, it could be an interesting experiment. I doubt he’ll actually be able to follow through with anything quite as radical as this sounds, though, and it probably isn’t “the future of fighting games.”

Ono = This is a fighting game developers brain on drugs.

This is a neat idea and all… but… uh…


My only hope is that the Persona 4 fighting game is good (which a very long shot since it’s by the BlazBlue guys), otherwise I see no bright future for fighting games at this point :frowning:

well maybe he dosent intend for SF games to be for a more serious crowd.

theres other fighters out there. it does suck that most of them dont have the pacing of SF tho

“In fighting games, the only difference between me and you is how good I am. But what I want to do with fighting games from now on is add in that element of customisation, where I can have a Ryu that’s different than your Ryu, so we can compete on a different level than just our execution.”

…can you explain this further because I am irrationally preferring non-random options right now? I try to eliminate randomness by increasing my understanding of the game.

Hi, totally new here, so bear with me.

I think Ono can be a little bit nutty at times, and I don’t fully support the idea of the gem system in SFxTekken. But, and hear me out, I think it would be pretty neat to have a fighting game like Street Fighter with (only) customizable characters. I’m not talking simple dress-up, I’m saying you take a moveset template, like you want to create a Ryu-type character, or a Blanka-type character, etc. Then you tweak it a bit (I guess like gems, or even swap some attacks for others). Then you completely and totally design the look of your character from scratch. You design the face, the hair, the body type, the gender, and yes, you choose the clothing and accessories.

Imagine if online play consisted mostly of these characters. You’d go into a match having no idea what to expect from your opponent. And they’d have no idea what to expect from you. You would have to fight without that recognition you’d get at first glance of the character choice. Every fight with a new opponent would come with some surprises (as long as it’s balanced). And the fights are more personal. You wouldn’t be a Ryu player, or a Honda player. You’d be a you player.

I guess this idea is kind of like bringing the customization of mmorpg characters to a fighting game. I don’t want to see the traditional, pre-designed set characters go away. But I think something like this could be very interesting.

I cannot imagine anything being worse than CFE. As long as it doesn’t get that bad, it’ll still be at EVO.