Ono Tease USFIV for PS4






Word? I heard this is coming to PS4 so… WTF is an Ultra?


Ono, pls. Don’t play with my heart.


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…lol, I will play with a controller if they fix the netcode.


Inb4 Sony sponsers Evo to play on PS4s and this PS4 port.


am starting to think that the very fact that capcom is pushing such a big update ( relative for us ) is just because they got some cash from sony, i remember combofiend saying that they didnt plane at all for this and they just wanted to make a balance patch to be released for free at the beginning

but if its the case why they still did not announce anything ? are they waiting for madcatz/hori/Razer/qanba for proper support fightsticks ? sony holding capcom announcement for the right time ? also i dont think Razer would invest in sponsoring new players ( Xian, Gackt ) without business plan about releasing a new fightstick

is Ono such a big troll ? am i getting too illuminated ?


Imho they are just waiting PS4 to start get serious numbers
It still have to launch in Japan and have to boost production to answer the huge request
But the hype behind dat console is huge

Imho Christmas 2014 or so we will get the true last version of SF4
With cross gen power-up (think FF14) and/or update patch for everyone keep PS360 version

This imho may explain why they still did’nt dropped in well known fan loved characters like Alex and Karin, they keep them for the grand finale… honestly as much Capcom seem blind these days, i believe they have been requested enough, Ono know that Alex+Karin will boost sales

Of course, maybe all wrong, but sound reasonable to me


I have a feeling that the 5th character is gonna be ps4 exclusive…


That wouldn’t make any sense though. USFIV was advertised to include 5 new characters, ect. on PS3/360/PC.


There is no way the 5th character will be PS4 exclusive. Alex and Karin though…


Those Capcom/Sony bastards will have drug me in if that turns out to be true.

I mean; I seriously doubt it will be, but still.


it was more than obvious that this game was going to be released on next gen consoles


Well, yeah. This is just further proof of what everyone already knew to be true.


would ps3 players be able to play with ps4 players? I dont really wanna buy a new stick and a new console >_>


I don’t think, i believe is just going to be cross-gen update
To explain it
If you have USF4 on PS3 and buy a PS4, once you passed your account on the new console you will probably be able to get HyperNextGenSF4 as a small price update just as you done with Sf4->SSF4 (or SSF4->AE->USF4)


Everyone thinks its gonna be on PS4 and Xbone maybe, so I dont see why they dont just announce it. But hey theyre not announcing the 5th character yet…


If there is to be a next gen version of the game, I fully expect them to announce both it and the 5th character (plus any other modes or goodies they haven’t shown yet) all together in a final trailer debuted at Final Round.