Ono teases Darkstalkers


He loves to play with my heart

Edit: Argh posted in the wrong area, my apologies.


Interesting. I wonder if anything will be said at the Capcom panel on…Saturday, I think it is?


Ono can shove it up his ass until I see factual shit on a DS4


when did ono return to work? I missed that. either way new darkstylers GET HY-



If it really is going to use a modified SfxT engine, then this game can EAD.


I still haven’t played SFxT so I can’t hate as much as others. I’m just happy to get another Darkstalkers game and I look forward to it.


You people need to understand that the game engine does not dictate the artstyle at all. The game engine of SFxT has nothing to do with system mechanics, balance, the stages, pace of the game etc. Anyway they WILL use 3D models, Capcom is done with 2d sprites.


It actually makes some sense that they are using the SFxT engine.
Not much sense but still.


Thread title might as well be “Ono Teases Ben’s Balls, The Rumor, The Game”

I want this game. I’m too young and dumb to have the originals, so I’ll take my Darkstalking in whatever form I can.


Ebay, Game trader zone, or emulation. You can always find the older games in some form. I still want the Longbox version of the first DS. Hell I even want Night Warriors.


Ono is always teasing Darkstalkers. This should stop being news until the game actually becomes real


The fighting game panel today was just Harada and Ono goofing around with TTT2. I do expect something concrete tomorrow, though.

Also there’s already a thread on this.

There’s still Ono hate? He’s paid to act silly and say stuff he wants to go more in depth with but can’t. He’s not a misguided fool who runs the show.


LOL at all the newb faggots who are crying that the game is gonna run on a modified SFxT engine when the fucking game itself is based on a chain combo system. Fucking whiners I swear grow some balls