Ono to make announcement regarding new Darkstalkers game at EVO


That is the question.

You know if this turns out to be a new Mega Man Legends game or NamcoXCapcom 2 instead I’m going to laugh my butt off.


You’re so mean Syxx

It would be lolz-worthy, but…Ono would likely not have anything to do with either of those games.

Another Capcom producer, Horinouchi, deals with Rockman on a daily basis, and directly reports to Inafune on such. So if we hear anything about a new Legends game, it would likely be from Inafune himself or his underling. And the developers of NxC, Monolithsoft, have been busy with Xenoblade (Wii) for Nintendo, and SRW OG Saga (DS) for Banpresto. Where would they have the time to develop NxC2? And where would be the desire for such, when the game didn’t sell that well to begin with? It only sold about 130,000 units within its first six months. Not exactly something I could see Namco and Capcom beating at each other’s doors to get more like it… :lol:

*Hears CvS2 announcer says stuff. After nearly a decade, CAPoM VS SNK 2: Some crap about fighting and time periods/ money

should probably put a question mark in the thread title.

SRK: Still easily trolled.

ehhh, nvm

oh man I’d like this way more than dark stalkers

Man me to. MML 1 and 2 are awesome.

rival schools would be the best

More like Ono to announce DLC characters for SSFIV.

Please be Necro please be Necro please be Necro…

Didn’t he tweet that he just got something NOT related to Street Fighter approved?

mml forever yo

kick can 5000 zenny

I fucking wish. :frowning:

Still holding out for Hanna-Barbara vs. Capcom. Bonus points if Hanna-Barbara includes Ruby-Spears so that we can get Thundarr the Barbarian up in there. That guy’s super jump is easily Marvel-caliber.

it’s square enix vs capcom

Why did you open another useless thread
That is the question.

Agreed only cause there is almost zero chance of a new Darkstalkers game being good and all the contingencies resulting in such that I can think of involve capcom paying Arcsys to make it. Not saying that MML is a bad series though.

yay some of you guys got the joke i’m so proud

also if they add any dlc to ssf4, Ono wanted to add RAINBOOOOOOOOOOOOW