Ono would like to offer character customization in Street Fighter

So I was on EHubs a few minutes ago seeing if there was any news or videos worth looking at and I saw this. http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2011/jun/20/ono-would-someday-offer-customization-sf/


stop making threads about things ono says, please.

That is a HORRIBLE idea.

What other threads have I made about what Ono says?

im just speaking to the general srk population. seriously quit it. guy says so much stuff, whatever.

He is speaking about people in genral. Use the search bar and see how many “Ono Says” topics exist.

Terrible idea.

Ono’s Formula 1 analogy does not work. 2011 F1 season has a clear tier list despite all the rules.

F1 Tier List


Red Bull


Lotus Renault

Force India


Hispania Racing
Virgin Racing

RBR is more dominant in F1 than the twins in AE or Yun/Chun in 3S.

What’s going to happen is everyone is simply going to go for that one overpowered build and use it.

i would enjoy this if it where there clothing :smiley: wud be epic to have my akuma with an afro :smiley:

Championship Karate did it.

i love F1, but Lotus D Tier is a bit generous IMO XD

I am vehemently opposed to such an idea. Lol

Ah ok. Thought you were talking to me specifically. I know there’s a ton of Ono says threads. I just thought this would be a bit more interesting than the usual SF4 related crap. Honestly though, if you don’t like it ignore it.

Someone needs to close this thread, just like someone needs to close Ono’s mouth.

na that would be stupid

The PC SF4 users proved that they can be very creative with the right tools, and they also proved they can do a far better job than the developers of the game.

I’d like to be able to make my own stages too!

…dude Akuma with an afro would just be epic, Ken already proved that.

Because I don’t already have trouble confusing SSF4 with Mugen

Ono, just stop.
Instead of doing this, let us just customize the look instead of overcharging for model edits.

SF5: $5 DLC Ultras.

Horrible idea . Hopefully it stays just that…an idea
But color or costume customization would be so cool .

When you think about the idea in terms of how the CoD series does it, you can conclude it would be an unbalanced train wreck.

If you consider it in terms of how Transformers WfC did it, or how the old Nintendo wrestling games handled simple attributes, you can see it can be done in a surprisingly balanced way that offers choices to the player.

It’s probably something you wanna try on a new IP, though, and not something as established as SF.