Ono's ridiculous aesthetics

While Yoshinori Ono’s direction came to revive the franchise, I’d be pretty sure to say he’s also gotten a lot of negative feedback for his aesthethics decisions:
[list][] Remember how the first models from SFIV looked like cavemen? Overall, the character models he decided on were not all well-received. Like Chun-Li’s “fat” thighs, for example…
] The addition of cinematic supers was a good way to take the aesthethics to another level, but some of them were criticized, mostly because a lot of them included an assortement of wacky facial reactions from the characters, way too much spinning (remember “Tazmanian Devil Akuma”) or ridiculous ideas like the characters being slammed into the screen itself.
[] And I think Street Fighter V has gotten some of that too, I mean, the noodle bowl was kind of fun, but this “upside down” spinning from characters and attacks like Karin’s is frankly too ridiculous, or Dhalsim’s “big belly” supermove…
] Street Fighter IV newcomers. Should I say something else? El Fuerte was a stereotypical luchador with a ridiculous personality, Rufus probably the most grotesque comic relief for the series yet (and later that influenced Birdie’s redesign), Hakan well, it’s Hakan, and while the character has been praised, Juri’s “colorful” design wasn’t well loved by everyone.
[] Some really stupid alternate costumes. Last ones include a “bulldog-headed” Dudley for example… I mean WTF.
] Character endings and storylines, some of them are a complete goof-fest. This includes games like Street Fighter x Tekken.
[] Speaking of Street Fighter x Tekken, it has one of the worst and most blatant cases of Ono’s ridiculous aesthetics: Giving Kuma a “cartoony” look instead of Tekken’s photo-realystic one. The concept of the character is stupid on itself but it was mostly treated half-seriously by Tekken along its history. Now, if Ono believes “that’s what Kuma would look like if he had been originated in the Street Fighter franchise” I think that’s pretty idiotique. I don’t think a “fighting bear” created in any previous Street Fighter game would have ever looked like that… Take for example Khushnood Butt stage in Garou: Mark of the Wolves (whose aesthetics, in my opinion, are closer to the spirit of SF than Ono’s “cartoonish” games: It includes a fighting bear wearing a complete karate gi, but he doesn’t look like a fucking Dreamworks cartoon (fart joke included).
] Street Fighter V newcomers. Rashid wearing a scouter was weird to say the least and his supermove with the “Djinn”-like pose were received with skepticism. And well, F.A.N.G, mostly, one of the most flamboyant SF characters ever, if we want to be kind, and a completely stupid supermove that in my opinion.
[*] Other SFV minor sins: Banana hair Ken, Birdie attacking with a soda can and a banana or eating a “fiery” chilli pepper, Bison’s over the top screams and poses…[/list]

I’m not saying Ono’s stile is bad per se, but his games in comparison with the more “serious” games like:
[list][] Street Fighter II, which had a lot of “cool” goofiness, including Guile’s hair, the Cossack dancing of Zangief in his ending.
] Street Fighter III, where character’s personalities were the most realistic of their games, I dare to say… there were some “laughs” but mostly moderate, or characters with quirky personalities -like Oro falling asleep, Necro’s opera singing, Elena failing on a tumble on her winpose.
[*] Street Fighter Alpha poked at some fun with classic anime cliche (like Mika’s dramatic wrestler persona; Dan is over the top but the fun comes from the references to other fighting games and the fact other characters from the game don’t take him seriously) or sort of witty humor (Sodom’s “Wapanese” talking).
Street Fighter II and III, for example, don’t have any clearly “comic relief” character, and even when in some games there can be one or two, all the rest of the cast is almost completely serious.

The problem’s in Ono’s games, any character has moments of goofiness or things you can point to at being stupid.

What are your opinions of this? In mine, Street Fighter has been sort of contaminated, and it could have been something better without his aesthetic view for the games. They’re clearly the most “anti-Street Fighter” games of the series… ¬¬

It doesn’t bother me.

I think it was way more noticable since SF4 was in 2.5D and wasnt truely 2D 16/32 bit sprites.

Having met Ono in person I completely understand how this stuff ends up in the game :rofl:
Dude is one of the most animated people I have ever met, seriously loves his work. :tup:

But I do agree sometimes you need someone to pull back harder on the leash. *From your list my number one peeve is the over the top slapstick. Aesthetically Street Fighter has never looked better (excluding seeing SF3 for the first time).

*Still frustrated that SF hasn’t progressed with background level design, we’re still seeing the same stuff we’ve seen since SF2 just with prettier lighting. SFV could have used some of that over the top action in its backgrounds.

Yeah Street Fighter series has gotten a lil too goofy and over the top. I guess judging by what @“The Furious One” said about meeting Ono. He’s the explanation for Street Fighter’s recent more goofy slapstick aesthetics. Like some of the stuff we’re now seeing in Street Fighter, you’d expect to see in Darkstalkers. I mean it’s not the end of the world, but it would be nice to see aesthetically something more along the lines of Street Fighter 3.

The problem with this thread is that Ono himself doesn’t really have much to do with the things pointed out aside from approving them.

In fact, some things, such as the general style of the character models, are simply based on the classic Capcom style (large extremities, overstated musculature, etc.).

Are you really going to hate on the British Bulldog costume?


I mean really?

Just stop posting.

“Ono is the explanation for Street Fighter’s recent aesthetics”. Duh. You say?

I just don’t think he’s the right person to handle Street Fighter in the “aesthetics/artistic department”. It’s probably the equivalent of handling the Batman franchise to Joel Schumacher.

Look, I understand every Street Fighter “chapter” has a unique aesthetic department on its own. Alpha didn’t do too well because it was “too Japanese” for the mainstream international audience.

III probably tried to go too “American” by including more serious characters, a Jazz soundtrack, and the character designs were more “freakish”, but it was more consistent with the Street Fighter “spirit”: Serious fighter, but with sort of witty/quirky personality.

I just think going almost completely “tongue-in-cheek/slapstick” was far from being the best decision to gain an international appeal…

I blame Gears of War’s popularity for SF’s “Mr Universe do you even lift?” physiques.
Considering where SF is today and where it was pre 2008 Ono has made all the correct decisions. I’m sure other fighting dev companies are envious, especially since most of them kept making fighters during Capcom’s break and are still no where near as popular as SF4.

Who in hell discards King Cobra to greenlight King Cobra? I just think character designers are going now by what they know Ono likes and will approve, honestily the idea of approving a guy like F.A.N.G without some sort of re-treatment to make him less stupid, I have no idea what happened there.

And I don’t think they’re “following classic aesthetics” quite the like. F.A.N.G is a Slenderman-like guy we had never seen something like that before. How would someone explain how Birdie turned from a “brutish yet muscular guy” into a big bellied guy who eats Simpson Movie-sized donuts and attacks his opponents with banana peels and soda cans.

Not to mention:

Also, that “jump the rope” super… I mean… turned the menacing thug into a complete cartoon. That’s his Birdie reinterpretation.

To be honest, if you remove the wacky bird stuff FANG is by far the most interesting character, everyone else appears to be same old same old to me.

I don’t know why they screwed with Birdie :sad:

I think there’s some really good stuff in F.A.N.G… but his speech patterns, his physique, the fucking Flappy Burd super… seriously, Ono, why did you approve that?

Missing the point. I was referring to things like large muscles and man hands.

Street Fighter sells on brand name alone. It is the marquee brand in fighting games. As long as you brought back the World Warriors, there was almost no way to go wrong with the game. I’m not trying to detract from the work Ono did on the game, but I think Capcom (and all of us honestly) severely underestimated Street Fighters place in the pop culture conscious.

I may save a more thorough reply for when I’m not typing on this small phone, but I agree with most of what has been said in this thread, except the comment on Dhalsim’s “big belly” super move in SF5. I think that shit is dope and totally appropriate for a stretchable freak like Dhalsim.

That’s all.

SF x Tekken: ‘Ryu won’t have a funny hat, because that wouldn’t be true to the character’

  • in deftly explaining vs. Tekken’s customizing thru Fight Experience Points, vs Capcom’s you have to buy everything extra marketing and selling point strategy, coming down the chain of command in the company.

Insert Funny hats, character swap cosplay outfit costumes on everybody else

Probably Ryu too in the end, I didn’t really keep track and check. No interest in that one. Ryu could still be Neon Pink and Green though.

Does everybody new in this game have a ‘funny hat’ ?; being a mantra here that you never say no to Ono. He’ll find a way to put his funny hats in a game. And turn Blanka back into a human redhead living off the grid jungle beastman if he can’t have his Blanka.

Only SF character who deserves a funny hat is…Akuma!
My “Dirty Beret” wish may finally be realized now.

I have literally zero problem with that :slight_smile:

While the aesthetics of Ono and Co. haven’t completely turned me off from the franchise I do sort of share some of the same sentiment with the OP; particularly where Birdie and F.A.N.G. are concerned. I really hate that they turned Birdie into this goofy fatass all of a sudden, I was really taken aback to see that he wasn’t the same chain slinging badass from the Alpha series and his CA is…bothersome. I really tried to like F.A.N.G.s character design, really I did, but that stupid ass CA and the voice acting really put me over the edge toward night liking that characters aesthetics. Kinda feel like Laura should have gotten a better looking CA as well instead of that stupid ass troll roll she does, but I don’t want to be too much of a bitching betty.

It’s so strange because, despite his 'nana hair, I really like the direction they went with Kens character (re)design; yet they left the other WWs alone for the most part and go way out of town with characters like Birdie and F.A.N.G. (who wasn’t a redesign to be fair, but still). The game doesn’t have to be super serious by any means, but it just feels off having super serial characters like Nash with all his resurrection angst and shit then you have Birdie jump roping like a goddamn clown; I just feel like there was more cohesion in past titles…

Physics are almost completely clownish, I’m really bugged by that effect where the characters get suspended in the air while cartwheeling helplessly and inevitably, it’s so stupid, so slapstick it almost feels like it’s not Street Fighter >_____<