Ono's ridiculous aesthetics


wins the duel

What is this?

Why are my life points going down too?



…you thought it was over, so soon? Succumb to my Millenium Rod, your Trump card is useless!


But your rod…I dunno. I do not fear rods…unless it’s a poison rod.


I save Elf and Rufus over them even as chara design alone (in Elf case ONLY as chara design, i hate his gameplay), since theyr “lack of visual appeal” is not due bad character design but about average audience tastes being shit, and 9 times out 10 fans being ignorant about what character design is

When I read that I get a skinny angry looking white metrosexual hipster popping up in my mind, waving his little fist at whatever not enough SJW he read on neogaf and adding “she ain’t need no man!”

Imagine the catfish-nerd that got bullied by that fat taiwanese in the epic thread
But without a cute asian girl.

Whatever do you mean? I am being passed around like the village bicycle for cigarettes here, and I’m having the time of my life! The other day I learned what a tossed salad is, do you know what a tossed salad is? It’s like that scene from Shawshank Redemption x 100!! Time of my life I tell you!

(get me out of here, d3v!)

So daemos…how long can you hold out before your tires pop?

I don’t know, but we just saw 2 death row inmates’ @Alexisdabomb and @Zephyrus21 heads pop on the electric chair like fireworks. Poor sobs :sad:


It looks like he has a long orange beard.

SSJ beard confirmed XD

Remember how in Bloody Roar people used to shit themselves after a super-kancho??

You serious??? I’ve played Bloody roar 2 and never seen that. I sthat feature only in the original? Or is it in later entries?

I remember it from Bloody Roar Primal Fury.

Ahhhh Br…that series needs to come back.

One nut is on his back to limit himself in combat.
Two nuts out and you’re dead.

I notice most super animations are spinning or rolling or just rotations. They removed actual martial arts from the sequences cus it’s easier to animate in 3D then frame for frame hits. Ryu has a fire ball with sparks chun has many legs blur…

Tool kits for 3D rendering they don’t have complete mastery over so they repeat animations and add lens flare.

Laura roll
Birdie jump rope
Rashid twister

Actual thought for individual moves get shirked because they are to graphic for ratings like Mika

It’s just less effort or cowards sacrificing artistic expression

The stuff that looks good you can tell they used the Sprite drawings and animations directly ripped from previous games to produce.

when have street fighter supers ever been about “actual martial arts”?

Makoto’s Saschuzin Gozandzuki
Cammy’s submission move
Yun’s You Hou

Just to name a few. SF3 series is when things got more serious with the martial arts. Like with some supers being legit possible in real life.

Did you sent this picture to Twitch or something? Now the 3S cooperation cup stream shows the message “This channel is intended for mature audiences”.

I mean, there aren’t even ass slaps to censor in there.