Ontario Courts Strike Down Marijuana Laws!


I am gonna get high as a kite today, folks

suddenly a road trip to Canada sounds a lot more appealing to a shit ton of americans

wow, nice.

technically, the judge delayed his ruling until after the election, seeing as parliament couldnt do shit about it until they sit again, which isn’t until after the election.

i’m still high though (which means not much has changed since before or after).

And I’m fairly certain this is the second time weed has been legalized in this province due to a technicality. Hopefully this time they dont waste the time and effort on actually fighting it

I love America and all but the Canadians are making big moves. Too bad we are more concerned about explaining things to our children than having real freedom…

First of all…who the fuck gets busted for weed after you pass the age of 17? Don’t these people have their dealers by then?

anyway, for any of the weed people here. I was watching this news show last night, talking about this synthetic weed called Kronic. It’s legal in australia and apparently they have been selling it for like 2 years. It also doesn’t show up in drug tests. I’ve never heard of it before…is it in the states and canada?

I’ll dedicate a bowl to my brothers in Ontario right now

maybe its been in the states. Haven’t heard of it here, but then again, literally everybody has weed up here. So no point in synthetic weeds. Even convenience stores rarely carry Salvia or whatever that shit’s called. Why bother when real marijuana is so dirt cheap and available EVERYWHERE.

Hmm. This is interesting, seems like things are falling into place for legalisation, which is a victory for stoners no matter where you live.

And salvia isn’t a weed alternative, not by any means. That shit is for when you want an insanely strong trip condensed into like, 15 minutes max rather than spread out over 4-8 hours. It’s also pure evil; I swear you can feel the presence of pure, unadulterated evil when that shit grips ya. You also feel like shit after. It’s interesting, though. Weed is far more nicer and mild.

its called K2 and is sold as an incense. Lots of gas stations sell them here even though law enforcement has been trying to get store owners to remove it voluntarly.

LGP, walk into most any smoke shop in the US and ask if they sell “spice”. It’s been here for almost two years now. It’s a synthetic makeup so it’s much cheaper than weed by far, just as potent and includes all the side-effects (munchies, sleepy, LOL, etc.), and doesn’t show up on drug tests. And best of all, 100% legal.

It’s impossible for me to find a weed dealer in AZ, so I’ve been using this as an alternative - and it’s great stuff. I’m currently buying shit called “Handy Spice”.

Only downsides I see are a shorter high and recharges don’t last nearly as long. I tend to get headaches after smoking too much but goes away shortly.

yeah i think they were freaking out about the fact that i doesn’t show up on drug tests, because they road side test you for drugs in aus as well as booze. Is it cheaper in the states? it’s 30 bucks a gram in Aus…and i haven’t bought weed in awhile, but i’m pretty sure a gram doesn’t cost 30 bucks in canada.

its actually as or more expensive considering that you’ll get a price break for regular stuff compared to the K2 stuff.

Yo Cali, are you looking at this dude?, can you please not fuck up again on 2012?

From what I’ve read, price varies depending on where in the States you live. I know for a fact that they pay retarded prices still. When I was in Philly a little while ago, it was $20 for a gram. People wouldn’t even DARE to ask for that in Canada.
10 for a gram
20 for 2 grams
30-35 for a half quarter *
50 for a quarter
80-100 for a half ounce *
150-200 for an ounce *
600 for a quarter pound
1000 for a half pound
1600-2000 for a pound *

  • = depends how well u know your dealer.

is it really that hard to get it in the States? I know ever so often during winter, I’ve not been able to get any for a day, and it sucks. I couldn’t handle flat out not being able to get it, at all. Had some girls from the States visit me a couple years ago, and they were shocked when they asked if anybody had weed, and me and 6 other people whipped out bags of tree

I fucking love Canada!

I hope it’s legalized for everyone and not just people with chronic illness.

yeah i used to pay 40 for a quarter, but that was in 1995…inflation i guess.

i don’t even smoke weed, and it’s kinda of unimagineable to not be able to get it if i wanted it. I remember those days in high school though when no one would have any weed. Then someone would be getting a shipment from T.O or something, there would be a line up behind the pool hall like 40 people long haha.

yeah, it was pricer in the early to mid 90s, then the internet took off and younger people had an easier time selling it.

we also become the number one producer of marijuana in the WORLD during that time

in fact, marijuana is considered one of the major reasons we even made it through the recession.

It’s not so much that it’s hard to get, it’s finding someone who sells. One of my contacts got busted last year and stopped selling, now he only sells K2 but it’s not that good. My other contact is flaky as hell and his prices are too high for sub-grade weed.

It’s not like I can go searching for a weed dealer on craigslist.

I can promise you’ll need to get a prescription card. Shouldn’t be too hard to fake an illness and get one from your doctor.