Ontario- Dedicated Fighter Arcade


If I have your guys support I can make this happen. For now it would have to be based off of the older gen games as the new cabinets would cost me my last testicle (gave the first one up to open up this shop).

However, I plan on holding weekly tournaments with newer games (SF4 etc) based off of 360 & PS3. They will however be using authentic cabinet sticks (which will also be available for sale, far superior to your TE stick, come see and try it out!).

I not only will be running tournaments with the newer gen games on consoles but will have them set up permanently with authentic arcade sticks, so you can come out and practice!

Let me know what machines you guys want to see, and I will try my best.

The shop will be located in the heart of Woodbridge, easily accessible from Brampton, Mississauga, North York, Vaughn, Richmond Hill etc. (I hope you get the idea).

I can start running tournaments ASAP and hopefully have the machines you guys want by October.

REMEMBER, I need your support to make this happen, so let me know what you guys think, and what you want!

Lets make this happen guys,


Mods: would love a sticky :wink:


I wouldn’t call that easily accessible.


after reading the title under above your avatar I know how you feel, lol. However, you may feel better knowing that there is a VIVA Orange Bus Stop right in front!

You choose, pay for newer gen consoles at pacific mall, or play for free (almost) a bus ride away.


or you can go to funland ii


All I can say is, good luck!


What parts do these sticks use and how much do they go for? Pictures would be nice if you have some.


You should backpedal while you can, or if you can. I only foresee a massive failure. For any arcade to survive in this day and age, you need a specific type of clientele, asian FOBS, and the stupid ass games that cater to them. An arcade dedicated to fighting games in an area with pure wops isn’t gonna fly (unless you have 10 jitz tables at $2 a game).



or that horse racing game.


Don’t forget about DDR for the gwailo’s wanting to be more asian.


I agree with Kimbot, the sf4 scene isnt that big yet to start opening an arcade just for sf4, the cost of rentng the space is to much plus its in Vaughn (Vaughn-fail), if you can set up shop at least in Toronto it would be well worth it. Again good luck.


the way I see it, I dont care if I dont make money, If I just cover my costs that makes me happy. The plan right now is to setup consoles with some nice big LCDs with your favorite titles so it wont cost you any coin to play. There would be a small cover charge (5 or 10 bucks) and you could live there for the day.

I am not trying to make money, but build a community that would hopefully grow. If I see some support (which I do not so far). I will setup consoles with real arcade sticks and have it completely free from now till october (after that the cover would only be about 5 or 10 bucks, just to cover the costs of running the place). I can get it all setup in less than a week.

If you guys want this, let me know, don’t worry about me making money or if I have the right location. I don’t need an accountant, I need some guys who enjoy playing some fighters. From what I see now the vaughn, maple, richmond hill guys have these little get togethers at peoples houses, wouldn’t you guys like a permanent spot for that? A permanent place that holds tournaments weekly? A place to play that isnt all the way in the east end of GTA? Or up North?

The place is easily accessible by bus if you dont drive, if you do, its right in the middle of two major highways.



I don’t understand why you are asking these questions and asking for support. Does this mean you are still in the research phase of this business or are you already committed to opening a location?


I already have a lease for a location, I just am still undecided what to do with the space. My plan originally was a Retro Arcade, which includes custom brand new cabinet machines, etc for home use. Seeing as I don’t need much space for that, I thought I would cater to you guys as well.

So the location is there, there is no research phase, its just a yes or no from you guys. Give me a couple of days and I can make it happen.



RXS: I don’t get it either…or he’s not into making money since he’s beyond financial stability…and just trying to get the community together practicing? I mean he is from Woodbridge lol


The thing is, they have a place to play for free. There needs to be an incentive for them to keep coming to this place.

What you’re planning sounds like a gaming centre we have in Hamilton. www.pownz.com

Also, more information about your joysicks please, I may be interested in buying.


I’m surprised you are even targetting this market. In a business train of thought it makes no sense. If you are into the fighting game community you should know that the FG community has the worst track record of commitments ever. Not to say that there are not a handful of guys willing to commit to make things happen. I just find it strange that you are sinking dollars into THIS community when you could grow a solid bas with other gaming communities (FPS, hell even Smash).

I’m totally not against making the FG community your staple, however I don’t think the community has the pull yet to carry that kind of business.


I will post some pics of the joysticks when they are done. These are not home-made joysticks`` but CNC manufactured awsomeness, custom building to order is also available, and Im not going to be charging in testicles.

This place is an alternative to arcades costing a dollar a credit, and an alternative to you in your basement. I am offering quality real arcade components, big screens, for a small cover charge (as stated previously, 5 or 10 bucks). I think thats fair, I just want to break even with my costs.

RPGv2, I`m just curious, what kind of fees does pownz charge, and how much?


Well it sounds like you’re one of those people that just happens to be in the money and wants to stick an arm out for the community. I am completely in support of that. However I just hope you understand what a black hole of finances this COULD become.


Like one of the reasons people hate Gootecks for, everyone thinks he’s just in it for the money.

I guess as long as you’re not afraid of failure, then this can go through.

BTW, my first post wasn’t just for me, it’s that a lot of the players here are from sauga/scarborough/markham/downtown and Woodbridge is kinda far from everyone living in those areas.


Alright, lets get a couple of things straight.

I am not “in the money” or from woodbridge. Just because I have a shop there doesnt mean I live there. I have some 360s lying around and am going to be building cabinets for my other business anyway, so I thought, why not just put some screens up and some joystick pads and try and grow a community I see potential in. I think the only reason it hasnt grown is because it hasnt been given the chance to. Even if I have to run tiny LCD screens for now if the budget wont allow bigger ones (that I already have in stock for my bartop aracade machines) I think that is still better than nothing.

This is not a blackhole of finances for me, I have space that is going to be leased for my other somewhat similar business, all this is is an OPPROTUNITY for you guys and your community.

so what games do you guys want to see? I have one arcade cabinet, maybe 2 that I can throw some jamma boards in. The other(s) will be console based with some kickass sticks and wall mounted lcds. even if I need to use smaller LCDs for now I will mount one for each player (like SF4 Arcade).

stop being my internet accountants and just tell me what you guys want, and if you’ll show up.