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taking 3 requests

  1. J360 - IM avatar


  1. Jiorn - Stick Art
  2. straightkilla


EDIT: idk what happened to this. it looked fine on my computer… i can’t seem to fix it… if somebody wants to, feel free

Yeah you told me to post exactly what i want so here i go.

Dark Blue/Grey(Assist 1)Dr. Doom, Black(High Kick)Sentinel, and default capcom(In that order). If you could make the background color black and blue and have the checkerboard/gridlines effect, that would be much appreciated. Also just add my name (aLee) wherever it seems fit. Thanks a lot m1 :]

hey M1x i’m waiting about 5 days from an avatar request and no one wants to helps me , will you please make me one, theres a lot of people there with plenty of avatar and i don’t even got one, will make that favor man , i will apreciate it. Btw the one i want is of captain comando and jin or one of them alone and with the frase “no one get close”. Thanks in advance.

yeap, i’ll do em tonight :slight_smile:


aLee, you’re up

monarc. i’ll get to yours tonight

woa! i’m gonna have an avatar, i’m gonna have an avatar, thanks m1x, “your da man!”

monarc, you’re up

hey m1 thanks so much, the avatar is freakin awesome. Just a question though, where did you get the pictures from. Can you please tell me so one day i can make my own avatars, i can’t find pictures like that anywhere!
Thanks again m1 :]

thanks a lot man, but how do i use it.

right click, save as


upload it there

alee: the doom one, i opened up chankast and i ripped it. the commando one, i got from fightersgeneration.com. the sentinel one i got from xmen children of the atom, and i recolored it.

you can get sprites all over the inet. there’s links around this forum to find sprites. fightersgeneration.com doesn’thost them anymore

hello there was wondering if u could help me with a photo please?
any background will do

can i have Breakers revenger characters tia / sho / & saizo thats it really with my name Yutahong

thankyou if its too much then just anything u can create with some snk2 characters will do for me i aint really picky like the 3 samuri shodown characters please thankyou

theres a message that says, “The uploaded file is not a valid GIF, JPG, or PNG file. Please ensure that it is and try again”.

I’m looking for an av please… with the character on the bottom left it’s from samurai champloo. :slight_smile:

I had another picture in mind as well, i’ll post it after 240 seconds =P You can work either either one… Just pick whichever picture you feel you can work with… I don’t care :slight_smile: I just hope you can fit in my nick “Shu” somewhere in there. Thanks in advance.

Note: If you choose pic 1 plz make it a bit brighter… too dull for me. Dodge (or burn) that shit… not sure which one…

pic needed

$|-|U(V)AYeL: sure thing. i’ll try to get it done tonight

Second pic…

make sure you save it onto your computer. i just tried it out, with the same file, and it worked

i’ll upload it again

shu, this cool?

hello m1x4h my friend yuta is new to this site he only joined today he has no pictures of any sort
i dont he minds if u do a normal avatar with anything on it.

thankyou Jericho_mpm

keep up the good work

i save it in my pictures, and then i upload it from there and its still putting me the same message, noooooo, why me, what you think could be the problem? this is the first time you heard about this?

I can’t seem to save it as a gif, only saves as bitmap X_X… help.