Open apology to Paul Wall

Paul, I’m really sorry about what happened in 3S. I was confused as hell when my full name was called for semis, and for some nonsensical reason I thought Seth let us both in even though I obviously didn’t deserve it. I had no intention of screwing you over like that.

I don’t know what I can say other than I owe you $10 for your entry fee next year. And I’ll be sure to ask the bracket makers to list me as Jinrai and not my real name.

fucking cheater

Potter makes me sad. :frowning:

You should take it up in pm’s or something…


I’m not joking. I’m dead serious.


<3 Jinrai

Jinrai has found his long lost non biological? fighting game twin?

East Coast Akuma got beat by…himself???

wtf happened u screwed over the best akuma in the east coast someone find that guy n tar n feather him

i’m change my handle to Justin Wong and get him dq’d at ECC.

^^^^ Smart Man right there

Can’t beat them, Cheat them or even Forge them!!

qft :lol:

Fuckin Canadians… all they do is build igloos and cheat at Street Fighter.

i still say tar n feather him and wen everyone is done laughing at him give him the real raging demon

sends Jinrai to Losers 2008


yea i would have actually liked to play Arlieth but that shit was rotten. If you got eliminated you should have told them, what if you would have won some matches people would have lost to someone who didnt qualify. Either way i won some matches then barely lost to pyro but you def ruined my evo experience. Hopefully my bad luck will turn good soon they say everything happens for a reason.

Tell you what, I will give you $100 US in person next Evo. If you want it now, it can be arranged via money order.

I don’t want any hard feelings over my fuckup. As I said, I was confused and wasn’t thinking straight. If you and your friends decide to hold a grudge after you get your money, there’s nothing I can do about that.

Just curious, what happened.

See the original post.