OPEN: av request (limit is 3)


CLOSED: av request (limit is 3)

yup, iam doing another av request…

-no more than 2 sprites per av. more will just clutter everything
-no av whores
-if you don’t like the av i made for you, oh well (lol iam just mean)
-can make MINOR sprite edits if you want (example: different clothes;hair;etc) no crazy sprite edits from scratch
-can make animated avs if you want but not nothing over the top (only have 20k to work with)
-ummm be very specific of what you want or i will just wing it
-no more than 3 ppl at a time if the slots are full, don’t request

Request slots:
no more at this time


I’m looking for a new animated av of Gambit or Sabretooth


anything specific? or you just want me to do whatever?


Can you please make me a ( team ) av of Guile , morrigan and bb hood? that order from left to right? Guile doing his winning stance, morrigan in the middle in her dominatrix outfit, and bb hood doing her wining stance where she is having her fist to the screen or something.

guile color = skin orange shirt blue.
morrigan color = hair purple clothes red.
bb hood color= standard costume.

and on the top middle of the screen can it flash the words ( Team Wunderland ) thanks alot if you can help me with this. the background can be whatever you want i suppose…maybe a background with cool graphics like blodia vulcans? it looks nice.

once again thanks for your help and sorry for the long post :stuck_out_tongue: i just wanted to be discriptive.


you want a nice background, i might have to get rid of one sprite to do it

  • give me the bb hood sprite if you can find it


id trade all 3 sprites to be in there rather then a kickass background…but i was wondering IF possible if this can replace the sprite for morrigan…if not then use the one i requested…im looking for the bb hood winning stance sprite…


Nah, go ape shit with it :slight_smile:

If you could put the text [SiN] in the av that would rock if not thats a-ok.


I’ll take up that third slot!

I’ll provide the info and the image once I get home.



Use that girl in the upper right hand corner, the one tapping her fingers together. Throw some blush on her, color her if you feel like it, but above all make the avatar as cute as humanly possible.

Throw Chibi in there somewhere.



gotcha. all avs will be done thurs-fri


Thanks very much GigAHertZ. :slight_smile:


OK Pickup guys (front of the thread)

dios, iam still waiting for your sprite so i can finish it up


Thanks Gigz, looks great.



A++ Great work man! I love it


glad ya liked it guys


still trying to find bb hood winning stance sprite :frowning: ill try to find it soon


Dios -X-, Here’s a site that has some really good pictures of BBhood maybe they’ll have what your looking for.


If you can find time i would like an avatar that has Knives and Lagato or Knives and Vash from the anime Trigun. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular, i’d just like it to have those characters and have Phillyblack on it somewhere. If your only able to find one with Knives thats cool also. Just knives or just Preacher would be fine. Just hook it up:D . Thanks


here you can use this one

just wait til the hunters go away and use the sprite where she is standing still with her gun in her hand pointing foward as she is grinning. thx a bunch


gotcha. both will be done sun-monday