Open Challenge

On ZSNES. Games I play are SFA2, SSFII, SFIIT, and SFII

I have a 56k modem, so it’ll lag a little, but I’m willing to play. I’ll probably get smoked, but still, it’s worth the try. If anyone is interested, my AIM name is MumbledApathy and my MSN name is

Anybody? Add Killer Instinct to the list, as well as Fatal Fury 1, 2, and Special.

Probably not…it’s probably the 56k thing right? Oh well rock on guys. :rock:

work the pokes more, and learn to corner a bit better. positioning is key. But otherwise, git yer adaptor. you’re a fun fight.

GG, man. GG. Might I say that for anyone that hasn’t played this man, play him. His gief is crazy. My Vega got owned, for those who care. I only beat him one time, with Ryu.

I don’t have a good controller for PC, so I have to use the keyboard…which sucks, but yeah…what can you do…

And I’ll be working on all the stuff I saw. I learned a lot. Thanks again. Anytime you want to play, I’ll be up for the challenge.

If anyone else wants to play, feel free to challenge me.