Open Challenge



I’m looking to FT10 the best Cody this forum has I’m looking to run Concept matches for my youtube page and Honda forum. They think it’s a hard match up but I’m sure it’s in Honda’s favor.

Hit me up on XBL: Mr SNK


Im in this! :slight_smile:


You United States sir?

Ninja edit: I just want to make sure we have a clean connection.


Nah im in northern europe :confused:


I think the few good Cody players that post here are all from EU.


Im not the best cody here by a long shot, but I live in NJ.


i’m decent. in chicago. i’m fucking horrible at the honda match up though.


I wouldn’t play mr.snk if you arn’t up to your A-game…


u are not allowed to jump on honda, so its zoning only game. if u play honda… and u are against me… u gonna get annoyed because its hard to get in on me


you sir have just set in motion a chain of events that cannot be stopped lool im on psn unfortunately

EDIT: wrong dude sorry lol


so no one defended CODY FORUM’s honor and bought mr snk? yo damn …


mr snk aren’t you west coast? i live in MA and play a pretty mean cody i dont know how the connection will be ,


I know this post is kinda old… But if you’re still looking to play someone you can find me on XBL. My name is DenjinReflexx. I can’t garuntee to defeat you but I can garuntee a challenge. We can always test the connection first to see how it is and if it’s up to par we can play. Hit me up anytime.


Have the videos been uploaded? I’d like to see the matches.