Open Challenge


I openly challenge anyone to a match at EVO. ANYONE!


FOR $200!

I am that confident in myself that I believe I can beat anyone for any amount of money.

At EVO, its going to be DSP vs. THE WORLD. So you better fucking get ready to hand me your money.


How about boxing?


this progamer will beat u in - mvc2/cvs2/3s.

even though your making a faggot joke id still be down to rape you n/p


Nyaha, good one… looks at date “4/1/04” :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless you wanna play me for $200 in ggxx =D


I’m taking on the fucking WORLD son! Of course I’ll fight your wimpy ass in boxing, and crush this fucking AMD loser…go get a Pentium you freak.

That’s $400, who’s next?


ill play you in mvc2 and tekken tag. you did say “anyone”, right? :slight_smile:


FUCK YEAH scrubby Soo come in here and talk smack!

That’s $800 so far, who’s next?


Aiight, bet.


is it $200 a game? if so, I think your calculations are a bit off


wait. phil, are you seriously serious? your reply will confirm our bet.


I doubt you are serious since its april 1st but if so, I will gladly play you for $200 bucks in GGXX


200$ says DSP cant get a perfect on me in ST. thats right bitch, bet the farm!


I’ll bring an N64 and play you in old skewl Super Smash Brothers, You can just hand over them 20s :evil:


ill beat ur white ass in third strike for 200.00 im in.:stuck_out_tongue:


All I have to say is…


God, I’m pathetic.



i’ll play u in tekken tag but if you go to ecc i’ll just play you there


actually… it was pretty obvious, i think everyone knew but figured, hmmm, might as well… for an easy $200 :stuck_out_tongue:


:lol: u gotta admit the man is funny