Open Dan Challenge!

hey dan players!
over the last two months i have been working on recording first to 10 sets with each of gouken’s matchups for my youtube channel:
i try to find the strongest player i can to represent each character.
i want to complete this project before super comes out so i am issuing an open challenge to the dan community!
if you are interested in being recorded against my gouken and you think you can really beat the crap out of me, let me know here or on xbox live!
i have a few days off so i will be checking both places regularly.
i am hoping to record the set within the next 5 days.
thanks dans!

I’m pretty sure I’ve played you before, but if you can catch me online and toss me an invite, I’ll be happy to face you. :wink: Gouken is one of Dan’s better matchups, I think…

i think dan has a terrible time with gouken’s zoning.
up close he has chance, but outside he suffers badly.


Hehe, yeah Xiahou Mao’s your man and since you’re both in North America hopefully the lag won’t be too bad :tup:

Can’t wait to see the outcome of the 10 matches. Good luck Dan!

i am having trouble getting a dan when im online!
speak up if you rock with DAN.

I don’t rock with Dan, more of a gentle melody :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha, id love to play you, but Im not so good :x

I’ll do it, Gouken is fun to play against. I’m in the states and am online most nights somewhere between 6 and 11. Sometimes from 6 to 11 :slight_smile:

EDIT: Times are pacific coast

gamertag is hWnd


i will look for you tonight.

I wouldn’t be able to be around tomorrow afternoon, it turns out, so the earliest I could do it is tomorrow night. If hWnd is available tonight, then by all means, play him instead. He’ll represent well. :wink:

Rhyllis wants to do a set with me too… apparently a few Youtube warriors are looking for final pre-SSF4 sets.

well, hwnd still isnt on so i might be looking for you tomorrow night.
i must complete my mission!

I would love to face you, shame that we are not from the same country…


I did the best I could guys, FWIW. Very good playing with you Raunwynn, you’re a great guy and one of the best Goukens I’ve faced so far. Please be kind with your commentary :slight_smile:

I’m gonna go drown myself in a bottle of vodka.


You’re still welcome to face me tomorrow night if you want, Raunwynn. :wink:

lol, great games brother!
i am uploading the videos now and i will post them in the dan and gouken video threads once they are on youtube.
again, thank you for your help.
all i need is a gen and i have completed a first to ten with every character against my gouken!

i am always up for casuals!
i usually play in championship mode until someone invites me, then i play a first to 10 with them.

So how many matches did you win, h??

Darn. I’d play you, but you’d need the PC version. :lol:

i’d like to give it a shot even though i am a filthy european.

edit: oh, nevermind. the challange is over!

note to self: read the entire first page of a thread atleast before posting.