Open Gen Challenge!

hey gen players!
over the last two months i have been working on recording first to 10 sets with each of gouken’s matchups for my youtube channel:
i try to find the strongest player i can to represent each character.
i want to complete this project before super comes out so i am issuing an open challenge to the gen community!
if you are interested in being recorded against my gouken and you think you can really beat the crap out of me, let me know here or on xbox live!
i have a few days off so i will be checking both places regularly.
i am hoping to record the set within the next 5 days.
thanks gens!

Why not just wait for Super to come out so you can have the current cast+new for your videos? Unless you don’t think anybody will play Gen in Super either? :rofl:

hehe, i dont know much about gen in super.
i just want to finish the project that i started before super comes out.

i am having trouble finding a gen to record a first to 10 set with!
help me out gen forum gens!
i need a gen that can tear me to pieces!

I’ll do it :] Been trying to find a good Gouken, psn = nubbbi

Oh nooooo you’re on xbox booooooo :[ So far Gouken’s are free :[

the last gen i interviewed got mad during the casuals and wont return my calls.

hey gen players,
i am having a pretty tough time getting a first to 10 match recorded with gen.
i have sent messages to yeb and asiantom, but they have not responded to me.
i understand that, they probably get a lot of attention because of their tournament performances.
they cant play with everyone.
also, many of the top players are playing super right now and wont be interested in doing this.
the last two gen players i have played casuals with havent worked out.
i dont really want a recording of me 10-0’ing a gen.
once super comes out my project is dead.
i would love to get a record of what the gen/gouken matchup was like in vanilla before that happens.
gen and dan are the last two characters i need to record and i would really appreciate your help with this!
xiahou mao has offered to record a dan match with me tomorrow, so that leaves gen.
help me complete my project!

Haha sorry, been meaning to respond to that message. My wife is usually the one on my xbox watching netflix or movies and if I am playing online it’s on PSN.

I do hope Yeb finds some time to play you actually. I’m not sure I’d be that great for the challenge and Texas to Massachusetts connection might not be so hot for execution and all that good stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck to you!!

lol, i got so excited when i saw that you responded in here!
thank you for your time in any case.
one thing that i like a lot about facing recognized players is the instant legitimacy it adds to the recordings and commentary.
many times i have recorded unknown players who play very well, but some ignorant shlub on the internet dismisses them as a poor player.
there is this one guy in the gouken forums that called PlayinCODNaked a poor viper!
i got “wtf” face when i saw that.
i think PlayinCODNaked is a ghostfaced killer.

I think Yeb is still busy mourning the loss of MK Hands loops and the parry glitch

Gen matches eh raunwynn? I woulda so jumped in on this if my stick wasnt broken.

that is too bad for me.
i have no gen.
i just finished dan and gen is the last character that i need a first to 10 with to complete my project.
everyone i ask tells me i should ask yeb!
yeb, if you see this, please, please, please play a set with me!

I may jump on this for Friday night if you don’t find what you want. I’m certainly not the strongest, but I like to think I’m a handful. :slight_smile:

i prefer to record players that can scrape me but it is extremely hard to find a gen player that wants to record!
i will be hunting you down on friday if i do not have a gen matchup recorded before then.

I’m available when you are. I’ll give you a pm

cool, i responded to your pm but i will also be checking here throughout the day.
i will send you a message on xbox live before each extended period i am on as well.
i am going to devote all of my free time to getting a good set with gen over the next few days.

i was able to record a set with bxcr’s gen this afternoon and i should have it posted later tonight!
thanks a lot bxcr!

I’ll still do some casuals with you sometime, Goukens are arguably more of a rarity than Gen! Lately I’ve been steamrolling pretty good too. :slight_smile:

since i play gouken and post in the gouken forums, i know a bunch of dedicated gouken players.
finding dedicated gen players was pretty tough for me.