Open Q&A (Street Fighter, etc)

To try to help access to information flow and less clutter, ask anything here. I have 16+ years tournament experience as well as casually playing since the early 90s.

Anyone can answer and feel free to add additional info. I will paste the Q&A here and try to organize it by question type.

I mainly focus on SF so certain things I may not be able to answer. Also note that specific games do have community Facebook pages which I will link later.






I have a question about frame traps.

  1. From what I understand, frame traps are mostly used to blow up crouch techs. What are some other common situations where frame traps are effective?

  2. What is the point of a 7f frame trap? I was looking at the Bison thread and it listed his frame traps and he has some that are 5f, 6f, and even 7f. I don’t quite understand how or when to use a frame trap with such a big gap.

Simple guess is that the bigger gap frame traps are used to catch people you got a jump or backdash read on.

Frame traps are useful when you know someone is mashing or crouch teching. If you know they are mashing certain button you can go for a frame trap. Other times you train your opponent to tech or react a certain way to to set up a counter hit.

Let say with Gouken you kara grab after a close, your opponent crouch techs every time. We’ll the next time you can frame trap with far which easily links into ex hurricane or super. Sweep on counter hit as well. Another option would be walk forward slightly close

As for a 7few frame trap, that’s probably specific matches I assume as most crouch techs, jab mashes, 360s, etc will beat it. There are times you will have a bigger gap when going for counter hits though.

First off, thank you. I get the gist of frame traps, but there are a lot of grey areas for me so a few more basic questions…

SRK’s or any move that has an invincible startup beat ALL frame traps, correct?
Are 1f traps the ONLY thing that can beat an SPD?
What wins in the event of a “tie”? Let’s say, a 2f frame trap vs. an SPD (2 frame startup)
Besides SRK, SPD, crouch tech, Ultra, and jabs, what other buttons would anyone mash? Seems like anything else would be a bad idea because of a longer startup.

Wouldn’t walking forward slightly get you hit by a or do you mean walk forward for “a frame” and then close

Invincible reversals will beat anything yes, while 1 frame trap will beat a spd, but risky.

Some people will mash mediums from a certain distance as sone are fast, really depends on the character, although you can set up for whiff punishing those.

For Gouken that set up it basically walk a frame just so you are in range for another close, works best off a meaty and delayed tech throws.

In the event of a tie I think a grab wins based off me trying to throw abels s.fp after a blocked step kick, I either get a block or throw. Abels active frame starts on the active throw frame. That’s from testing in the lab, not 100% sure since I never seen anything official on when that happens.

Possibly, since things like t.hawk s.lp to s.rh has a 5 frame gap, if they jump you get the anti air to juggle, something I like to use at times.

Okay, I’ll go again (and thanks again). Maybe I don’t understand command throws as much as I thought I did…

In which scenarios would a regular throw be better than a command throw (Zangief, T-Hawk or any others with a 2f command throw specifically)?

I was under the impression that Zangief and T-Hawk should never use a regular throw because an SPD or Mexican Typhoon is better in every way. BUT, I watched Snake Eyez play against Keoma (I think that’s his name…he was playing Abel) in the top 8 of this years Capcom Cup. Abel got knocked down and was almost KO’d. Zangief did a green hand to get closer off the knockdown and then used a regular throw on Abel’s wake up. Chen and Graham thought it was very clever. I don’t see it, so I must be missing something.

Regular throw recovers faster so he can punish backdashes or neutral jumps. If he goes for SPD and the other player does either of those he can punish the grappler heavily.

Yeah basically it’s safer and allows you to punish attempts or be safe vs anti throw options. For example with Abel I do a lot of neutral throws, if they neutral jump I get a free falling sky grab that puts them back into the same mix up.

Very interesting. That’s probably my biggest problem…I’m only thinking one move ahead instead of two. When I backdash a command throw, I think ‘phew, ok good, I escaped’. Instead, when I’m thinking about backdashing, I should be saying to myself ‘get ready to punish a whiffed SPD’.

Thanks, guys.

One thing that’s constantly on my mind is the question about my character choice.
I prefer Cammy in just about every way to other characters, but I seem to get better results with Ken, even though I practice him way less.
This leaves me with the question: Should I just drop Cammy as my main?

I’ve read several times that using rush-down characters is harder to learn than a shoto, especially when you’re starting out, but I’m just not sure if Cammy really is a good choice for me.
I certainly don’t want to give up on her completely, but I have such a hard time getting out of my defense.
Maybe I’m just too defensive because this game and the matchups are mostly new to me.

Well can’t tell you what to do, a few things that you should consider:

  1. Work on your offense. If you enjoy this playstyle you have to know how to crack people open so drill frame traps, throws, divekicks, etc. This would help you with any character you decide to play actually.
  2. Play cammy in a more defensive manner. If you look at someone like Marq Teddy, he plays Guy in a completely no fucks given way and he’s always dictating the pace of the match and doesn’t care how many times you deflect him he does the same thing again. Kyotea on the other hand is another Guy player that plays it entirely midrange with just occasionaly going for fancy closeup stuff. This definetly applies to Cammy as well, play a game and only go ham when you score the knockdown.

I’m sort of on the same boat as you, even though I like rushdown and offensive characters more I see better results with straightforward characters. As much as I wish I could turn up a switch and go Marq Teddy on people I’m more of a reactive player (maybe because when I started playing I’d win matches just by downbacking and antiairing people), so I’ve just resigned to playing these pixie characters in a safer way, trying to watch what people do on defense and counter it, not being upclose playing 50/50s all the time, etc.

Oh and Poongko is a good example. I feel some people have completely different trains of thought and Poongko was a prime example, nobody could get a read on him and ultimately he was smart as fuck on all risks he took. Nowadays though either people taught him to be less agressive, he started second guessing himself and sort of lost his “crazy” mentality or simply because patches happened he developed into a very contained and safe Seth. He’s now seeing much more success with this new take.

You say you win more games with Ken. How are you winning those games?