Open source?

I know in a program/build/applicatin sense, it means having the source of the program you’ve created shown to the world, letting them improve or make it the way they wish.

Around here I’ve seen the term “open source” applied to sprites/rips. Can you explain to me what it means in this sense?

in reference to sprites, this means that it is open for everyone to use… certain things like origional sprites that are not in games is not open souce. Meaning you shoul be getting permission from the atist before it is use in an av or a tag.

for example, , the sprites in these avs are all had done. These were not done by the person posting and he shoul have asked for permission for them to be used.

Its respect for the artist. Taking credit for someone elses work is not cool. :mad:

Like I said in irc, public domain.

Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for clearing that up.

Makes sense to have something for sprites (even though it’s dead obvious that sprite edits/customs aren’t open source/public domain). Maybe I should set up a merit/password system for the rarer sprites when I get SCN back up or a lengthy-ass warning page after the splash page (but before the actual sprites).

I know the sprites aren’t actually owned by me or whoever does the work, but myself and others damn well worked hard to find, get/capture, rip, clean, animate and/or set-up everything. I wouldn’t be too happy to see all that just taken by some fag w/o my permission and/or possibly take credit for something they didn’t do.

I’ll think of something that I can set up for SCN…