Opening a Barcade in Las Vegas... need your help SRK!


I’ve lurked these forums for 5 years and attended every EVO while living here in Vegas. I’ve collected about 20 classic cabs with the intent of opening up an arcade in Las Vegas, similar to what’s in Portland and Brooklyn. Start up cost is around $500K and I’ve got about $120K of my own money to make this happen.

So I need your help. To close the deal I need to prove there’s a market. Pictures and videos from EVO were helpful. But to some investors, its still too small a niche. So, I’ve put up a Facebook account that I’m asking the SRK community to ‘like’.

The more chatter on the site, the more fans of the concept of INSERT COIN, the more likely it becomes a reality. In the meantime, I’m still constructing the website. When that’s up and running, I’ll update you. My goal is to have a venue in Vegas that can support the fighting game community and preserve the classics we’ve grown to love. 60 classic cabs, 10 pinball machines, Xbox 360s and PS3s running on plasmas, Dreamcasts, PSOnes, SNES, Genesis, etc available for free play, DJs, food and drink. One more spot to check out when you come to Vegas.

Thanks to all the guys who continue to support the arcades. Thanks again for taking the time to read! And thanks a thousand times over if you support our cause!

Insert Coin Barcade | Facebook



Though the classics aren’t going to make you money, brah. S’all about the DDR and Guitar Hero.

Also, cover charges. Tell investors about those.


clicked “like” even though I feel it’s as useless as any other online poll… Good luck though, I admire anyone brave enough to start their own business.


Erm…it’s not as useless as any other online poll.


Thanks guys. The rent gets paid by food, drink, hookahs, and special events. The cabs may not make much money but if the community is strong they’ll help keep the lights on!


man, some people I have talked to have been considering a similar idea. And btw, Barcade is a sick name


On or off the strip?


speaking of…why not add titties? If you’re gonna gimme heaven, at least gimme titty filled heaven.


Competitive gaming + tits + alcohol = very very bad.


Off the strip. Catering to locals and the hardcore tourists. My only comp would be GameWorks and with liquor and music, I’d say INSERT COIN would win over the populace.


Sweet idea, i’ll go “like” it.


I always wanted to open up a hybrid arcade + bar + air conditioner store type of place.

Good luck.


You should, i cant tell you how many times id be wanting to play marvel but have to buy air conditioners. I’m all bout that one stop shopping.

To OP, kareoke is a good way to get chicks to your bar.


Don’t forget the chicken katsu bowls.


If by “INSERT COIN” you mean shoving quarters individually between an old stripper’s sagging breasts, I’m sold.


Who the fuck would go to a titty bar to play video games?

I know who. The kind of kid who would rather stay home and play video games.



I’d just bring my stripper girlfriend with me to watch me play video games. And when I lose, I’ll just give my stripper girlfriend a spanking in front of everybody. Then she’ll go get me a beer and some hot wings.

I’m assuming that because this is in Nevada, there will be ashtrays like every 2 feet from all the smoking that will be going on at this establishment.


Sounds like heaven for men… but dismiss the stripper idea though imo…


This is an awesome idea. Barcade is a bad ass name…but yea no strippers man lol.


So for the record, there will be hookahs but we’re trying to keep that out on the patio. Smoking I’d like to keep outside too only because I don’t want to invest in a super upgraded ventilation system outside of what I already have to get to keep the space cool for all those cabs. Also, Vegas passed a law that where there is food, there is no smoking. And the only strippers that will be at INSERT COIN will be the ones who are customers.