Opening microswitches

I want to open some microswitches to take a look inside (and then put them back together again). I have examined the microswitches of a few sticks like Sanwa, Crown, and Fantas, but I can’t find a way to open them. They are sealed in a way that there is no obvious way (to me) to get in. Any ideas? I want to customize the switches by replacing levers and maybe other parts.

The Omron V series is the only series I know of that rivets the casing together. They’re not very common in arcade parts.

Good thread! Thanks.

How did you manage to open the switches you examined? I am willing to buy any tool needed to do this, but I just have no idea how since they look like they are snapped together from the inside. I am thinking of prying them open with a small flathead, but I’m worried I’ll break something.

You don’t need a tool. A razor edge will work fine, but it’s better to use something more safe like a tiny flat head screwdriver meant for electronics. You should be able to see the top of the casing, it has a seem you can wedge the screwdriver or razor between, and then simply lift. Some switches are really tight, some aren’t.

I don’t recommend opening Cherry switches. The springs are extremely tiny, and if the assembly pops, they’re a HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS to put back together.

In that thread I listed what parts are compatible with what.

I managed to pop open one and nothing broke. So far so good. Thanks.

That’s the old tech talk spirit!