Opening moves vs Makoto

i’m not sure if this is news, but it is something i just recently noticed.
due to makoto and ibuki’s special intro (where they fly across each other), they start the first round closer to each other than in other fights.

this puts mak in range for example, c.roundhouse at the start of the round. of course, you are in range for lots of makoto’s moves as well… such as c.strong for example.

any thoughts on this?


Basically. Especially against Makoto there’s no reason to attack with anything at the start of the round. It’s 3rd Strike so if you know where and when an attack is coming you can parry.

Usually against makoto, I’ll go for a normal parry or simply back up a little. If you know you’re playing an agressive Makoto, you can start out with a sweep and catch her almost everytime. (I’ve found alot of makoto’s like to get a dash grab in early, or even her normal qcf+p)

I did not know this T.T; Hmm… Is it close enough for Makoto to kara-Karakusa?

I don’t trust that bitch. I normally walk away real slow and then start throwing shit at her.