Opening my doors to Chicagoland players

I just moved to Crystal Lake with my baby-momma. I got a huge ass Flatscreen, PS3 with SSF4, MVC2, and HDR. A Wii and TVC and a whole lotta couch space. Lets Get together and Play some fuckin Street Fighter!!! whaddya say?

I spent a night at Camp Crystal Lake one summer and after waking up the next morning to find all my friends and family brutally murdered I must say I would think twice before going back there.

I never had the whole friends murdered thing happen but i went there and learned never go skinny dipping with a fat chick.

Yo, sup. Keep tabs on this thread. All the information you’ll want regarding where and when the Street Fighter (and other games) is going down will be posted there. And welcome to the Chicago SRK scene!

Alright good lookin out so if i want to host just post it on the main thread. or how do you guys organize it.