Opening photoshop

maybe the wrong place for this question, but i figured the peole in here would have the most exp with it.
I just got this message when opening photoshop cs. Its never happened before.
“memory could not be allocated for the activation process. Please close all applications and try again”.
i installed yahoo messenger recently, but deleted it. i defragged my comp and deleted all the bs programs that i need.
after doing all this i restarted the comp, and it doesn’t look like anyting is sucking up too much ram. ram really shouldn’t be an issue. i can open up painter with no problem. illustrator as well. hell both at the same time, but no photoshop.
anyone know what might be up?

It’s Photoshop trying to “phone home”, and failing. Is this a legit copy or a “not-quite-free” copy?

if its bootleg, ban.

please tell us :slight_smile:

I’ll throw this in - unless you’re a hardcore photoshop user, then go download Gimpshop and toss CS. Just my 2 cents.

Make sure to use the ‘issues’ part of that program.

Even if you ARE a hardcore photoshop user, if you don’t own the program, go download GIMP.

Goodness sakes, 99% of what people do in photoshop is just as easily done in GIMP.

Cropping images of Angelina Jolie or making yourself a desktop of a loli girl doesn’t require Photoshop.

I use photoshop no less than 2 hours a day, and have been for years. My job requires it. I know the program as well as anybody. I still use GIMP at home because I don’t feel PS is necessary for most of what I do when I’m at home.

I use photoshop at work is because it ties into all of the other software and hardware I use. Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro read PS documents natively.

GIMP is free. It’s quite good, once you learn the interface, and you don’t have to support software piracy.

Here here. :slight_smile:

Gimpshop is there to ease the transition of Photoshop users to Gimp. Most menus are identical, and the interface is moved around to ease things a bit. :wink:

i use photoshop to digitally paint and other stuff. so noone knows what this problem is?
yes it’s a legit copy.
stuff like this

I still say it’s failing to phone home.

Have you installed a new firewall recently? Anti-spyware stuff?

for the record, shoos nice in person
offered me a sprite :smiley:

Photoshop does not require phoning home… and yes, I know b/c I purchased a legit Design Suite package (gotta love academic pricing :smokin:). The first thing I thought of when I read the OP was that there was a memory leak… probably brought on by some sort of malware/spyware. I’d run the gamut of checker software and see if anything comes up.

If that fails - and assuming you still have your (legit) install discs - you might try a clean re-install. Maybe avoid/replace a corrupt file.

I’ve been having some problems with my photoshop at work recently. I had dual monitors until my UPS had some weird surge and fried them both :bluu:

Anyways, now I’m down to one monitor and whenever I try to create a new file, the program freezes. I’ve tried everything I can think of. I reset defaults, uninstalled the program, went into the system registry and deleted the entire adobe folder. Still keeps giving me the same problem.

As a last resort I logged on as another user and ran the program from there and then it works. It still won’t work when I’m logged onto my account though. That tells me that its probably either a windows setting or a setting with the way photoshop is communicating with windows. I mention this because yours might be a similar problem. Try logging on as a different user and seeing if that works.

The more recent CS stuff does phone home unfortunately. :frowning:

There have been oodles of threads at Slashdot about that fact. People running it under Linux via wine, and setting up iptables to prevent it from phone home, only to find that it refuses to run. :\

That said, if there is a memory leak, a reboot would clear the leak until next time. If the problem persists through a reboot, it’s something else. I agree, do something like this:

Reboot to safe mode.
Run Clamwin with latest updates
Run Ad-Aware
Run Spybot S&D. Put it into Expert Mode, and stop anything from starting at boot that you don’t want. Innoculate IE.
Run Hijack This. Ditto. Prevent anything from launching at boot time that you don’t know 100% that you want launched. This includes killing off stop that auto-launches to the systray.
Run Clamwin again.

Boot into normal mode.
Try launching CS.

Failing that, backup your user files, blow away the drive, install Ubuntu, and run CS via Wine. :wink:

Yeah, try what Midas said. I’ve actually had the same thing happen with PS, where it will open on another account. (Had the same problem with Illustrator from time to time to time too.)

Since it’s a legit copy, why not call support? I’ve called Adobe support a few times for work-related issues. They’re not bad to deal with.