Opening Ports

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Have u try it?

All I see is people complaining about the lag but nobody seem to come with a solution, well im tired, heres a little help is up to u if you accept it or not.


  • 80
  • 443
  • 5223


  • 3478
  • 3479
  • 3658 should also be opened for voice chat.

Dont Know what to do??

Problems with your Modem or Router?

Go to this site for more help:

It’s a good idea to add actual information that’s been suggested specifically by SNKP which is how to achieve NAT1. Forwarding Ports is great, but realize that there are really 3 levels of actual connection settings you can achieve.

NAT3 being the worse and what I assume is most people’s method of connection. This means that you’re running wireless, even with the most optimum settings, this is the worst thing you can do for frame specific gaming.

NAT2 is a happy medium. It can add up to a few frames of delay if the netcode is crap or your router isn’t configured properly, but in general it’s great for online gaming if both sides are working properly. This setting is when you are connected through a router. There’s no way to achieve better than this as long as your router is there, only worse.

NAT1 is all about the quality of your connection. It’s when you have the internet cable from your modem plugged directly into your console. In this way, you don’t have to worry about port forwarding or anything. It’s the fastest possible connection for online play that you can have since if the only place the internet is directed to is your console, there shouldn’t be any hiccups or divergence of data that could mess up anything.

Now SNKP Development suggested you go down to NAT1, but that’s ridiculous honestly. NAT2 should be sufficient and it works rather well with properly coded online games like SF4/BB. The port forwarding information above is only useful for achieving best possible conditions for NAT2 type network settings, NAT3 sucks, don’t kid yourself.

If your going to make a portforward thread you should do it right. KOF forum is about enjoying KOF games, not systems.:tdown:

Anyways, heres a link for all you 360 players.

Besides…its not like its gonna help anyway, what with the netcode being pure shit.

It helps when playing someone nearby. Like in the same state or something.

lol what? Whether you’re on wireless or not has absolutely shitall to do with NAT. The NAT levels have to do with how visible your system is to the internet outside of your router. You can be NAT3 on wired and NAT1 on wireless.

what about you actually trying it?

Just put your game system on DMZ…