Opening/Repairing a Fightstick TE?


The x button on my Fightstick TE is sticking pretty badly.

I was wondering how easy/hard it was to maybe open the stick up and take a look at the button.

There is a sticker on the bottom that says to not open the stick unless I’m qualified or something, but I’m sure people have done this anyway.

Can somebody give me a general overview on opening a Fightstick?

Thanks in advance.


Go here Tech Talk to get the answers you seek.

p.s. You dont open it from that side, you open it from the top.


its quite easy. most will say get an allen key and unscrew from the top, though i tend to go from the back with a normal screw driver because i feel that you get a better angle. dont unscrew the black rubber things.

thats just them basically telling you it voids the warranty if you open it up.

as soon as you take the back panel off youll see all the buttons and the stick etc

try taking the button out and pressing it, then reseating it. something may be stuck in it. If the problem continues you can replace one of the buttons either by buying them or using a button you dont use thats on the stick currently.


You need a phillips too if you are changing anything on the actual stick, if I remember correctly. Pulling the connections from the buttons was the hard part, I broke one connection, but it was easy to fix. Just threaded the wire through the button itself.


oh yeah, dont pull on the wire


OK, I definitely need a new button.

I would post in the Tech Talk forum, but this is a pretty basic question:

Where can I order new buttons for the TE?

I googled around but there are different sizes and I’m confused about what to order.


Lizard Lick has 30mm sanwa buttons of various colors, which are the ones that the TE naturally comes with.

Sanwa 30mm Snap-In Buttons


Lizard Lick is FAST too.


Thanks for the help everybody. :slight_smile: