Openings for EX hammer



I’ve been dabbling with Viper for a couple of days now and I am getting the basics down, in training mode at least. But as always, there’s a great discrepancy when going from training mode to fighting actual people.

My question to you is, how do you usually spot got opportunities to use Ex hammer -> Burning Kick in online matches? It seems that most of my opponents try to stay in the air all the when they’re not in my face and I’m finding it hard to connect that extra damage from Ex hammer -> Burning kick at mid range.

When do you find good openings to use the combo?


Sorry, but post your questions in one of these.

#3 xx ex seismo is a dirty trick if you use that mixup after you’ve landed into throw. Doing ex seismo after a just out of range trying to catch an attempted punish works as well.

Also works with any combo ending in mp.TK.

Basically, trying to catch people who are using quick pokes as a punish or when they’re trying to throw/tech.

Obviously it won’t work every time, as people should catch on, but that’s when you get to freeze them trying to block, and can do other mixups.

Also, seismo sjc ex seismo. Unless your opponent is prone to not blocking the second, this could be an overall waste of meter though.


Sure, I can do that. Just gotta ask though, what is it with the SRK-forums and keeping all the discussion in one forum in one or two threads? I’ve -never- seen this before and can’t really think of a reason to keep things ordered that way. But every single subforum here at SRK seems to do it.


It’s less cluttered that way. If a lot of people make new threads every time they have a question, it can really get in the way of things. Imagine if every question in the Q & A thread had its own separate thread.

I would have answered your question first, but I was scared I’d answer wrong.


Well that’s the way forums work. Clutter is only in the way if you don’t have the important stuff stickied, which we do. Now instead it’s hard to get an overview in a 48 page long thread. If that was spread out in separate threads one would only have to parse through the topic names to see what the separate discussions are about. Well, well. To each his own. I just really dislike going through ginormous threads to see if there’s anything in them that I want to read :wonder:


You have a point, but you can search the forum or individual threads. And you can just ask the question in the thread without making a new one just the same.


Going to get this thread closed. Oh and yeah…there’s no reason to peruse around for anything because any simple question you may have pretty much gets reanswered whenever you ask in the Q and A thread. It’s much easier and more organized for someone to answer 1 or 2 asked questions in the Q and A thread.

So next time you have a question…ask in the question thread. :lol: Your point has nothing to do with the fact that you didn’t ask in the asking thread.


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