Operation Gamestop Takeover (WA) - Phase 2: 2/28

I’m thinking this probably won’t be as lively as the first thread seeing as how there are hella less stores for this round. At this point, it’s just declaring where you’re going for round 2, so you’ll know who you’re fighting against in the crowd. We all expect there will be a better concentration of SRK peeps at these round 2 sites, it’s just finding out who. Plus, since the first thread had a lot of discussion pertaining to Round 1, this can separate it. Also, if you’re going just to watch and tag along, post that up too.

Pickering Square
1802 12th Ave. NW Suite B
Issaquah, WA 98027
(District 651 - Bellevue Crossroads, Bellevue Square, Burien Plaza, Pickering Square, Bear Creek, Redmond Town Center, Pacific Place, Westlake Center, Northgate)
Tim310 (Issaquah), Hiroto (Issaquah), Peachy (Crossroads), Afro-Freakin’-Cole (Bellevue Square)

Lakewood Pavillion
5700 100th St. SW
Lakewood, WA 98499
(District 653 - Lakewood Pavillion, Lakewood Towne Center, Silverdale, Tacoma Central, Westgate South (Tacoma), Green Firs S/C (University Place) )
Francis A. (Silverdale), mastermind (not competing), rcaido (Lakewood)

Alderwood Mall
18700 33rd Ave. W. Suite B
Lynnwood, WA 98036
(District 650 - Greentree, Alderwood, Park Pointe, 164th St. Crossing)
ben (164th St. Crossing), puzzlefite (Park Pointe)

Tuscany Plaza
5210 N. Road 68
Pasco, WA 99301
(District 657 - Columbia Shopping Center, Penn Plaza Moses Lake, Tuscany Plaza, Northtown Mall)
myleftshoe (Columbia)

c/o Barnes & Noble
300 Andover Park West #100
Tukwila, WA 98188
(District 652 - Supermall, Covington, Federal Way Plaza, Sea Tac Mall, Canyon Ridge, Kent Station, Meridian Town Center, Renton, Andover Park West, Southcenter)

I’m pretty sure that’s it. I didn’t copy it out of DoughBoy’s round 1 thread. I took all the info from the Round 1 and 2 PDFs of the districts. So if you’ve heard otherwise, let me know.

Anyway, I’ll be at Lakewood. I didn’t win Silverdale ( :sweat: there’s a perfectly good explanation for it), but I’ll be taking my brother over that way because he won Silverdale. Some of you old school Marvel heads might know him; he doesn’t post here, but he knows I do.

Hopefully there will be enough time for some casuals so I can get some games in, too.

If you’re playing on the kiosk again, SIT ON YOUR KNEES. Try it in practice - I think it plays way easier that way.

I didn’t reply in the first message, but I won at the Issaquah Gamestop w/Guile (14 peopel total) Hiroto took second with (ken/Zangief).

I guess I’ll be at the Issaquah Gamestop this Saturday since they didn’t give us any certificates so I guess I have to hope they remember me :slight_smile:

I have a party on Saturday & suppose to help w/ cooking/cleaning but im going to try to skip out on it & compete really quick…I’ll probably lose & get yelled at when i come home but yeah i’ll be a the Lakewood one too Mastermind…Who is Francis A. what character does he use? Is he good?

I’ll edit you two guys in the OP here in a second.

Francis is my brother. He’s an old school Marvel player like me. He’s not too bad. Dunno who he has been using lately; he’s been learning everyone, really.

They didn’t give my brother a certificate either, but the Silverdale manager called the Lakewood manager and gave him the results of who’s coming and such.

I’ll be at alderwood, yo.

Man im getting nervous…From what i heard, i believe Lakewood will use the DOA4 sticks…But who knows, they are pretty ghetto over there…Since your coming Mastermind, i definitely make sure to wash my balls & wear clean underwear…

Yup. I’m pretty convinced that I didn’t want to read that. :rofl:

EDIT: rcaido, you’ve actually played my brother on HDRemix. His Gamertag is awesome jones.

I’ll be at Alderwood Mall for mine too. Good luck Ben. I’ll see you there. :lovin:

Is that why you haven’t replied to Kris’s evite yet? Well I got to go all the way to Lynnwood so I’ll be much later than you. haha Good luck Tim.

I’m not really understanding this. Is the kiosk super low or super high? Give me a visual picture of why sitting on knees is better? :wonder:

The return of Francis Acacio huh? I remember he used to do these extravagant poses when he’d do Magneto combos way back in the day. I also remember constantly asking him to play Paranoia Clean Mix on DDR USA lol. Goodness. The good ol’ days.

The kiosk we were playing at had the controllers at about three feet high or so, which means that if you’re standing the fixed position of the controllers will naturally tend your hands to be pushing upwards on top of the d-pad - which is probably why you saw a lot of people (myself included) jumping randomly or otherwise being 45 degrees off or so vs what they were trying to do. By repositioning yourself to be holding the controller at a neutral angle (straight in front of you), you get a more natural orientation of your hands and thus d-pad angles are more likely correct.

That’s my $.02 anyway. Try it: I found it made a huge difference on the kiosk pads.

oh snap, e. GONda. I don’t think I’ve seen you since either college (wow I’m old lol) or the heyday of CVS2 tournies at gametown. :sweat:

I won the first round here in Kennewick, Mike (Yabuki Style) got 2nd. I played Blanka the whole time there was about 15 people.

Going to Round 2!

5210 N Road 68
Pasco, WA 99301

(509) 543-7925

If you’re coming from Moses Lake or Spokane, holla

Hahahaha that’s so old school. Don’t call it a comeback, though. He just had school and stuff, so he wasn’t really in any kind of competing mood, he was always playing, though.

He lurks here, he doesn’t post, though. I moved out of my parents house, so I’m not sure if he’s got an SRK handle. I am sure he says wassup, though.

Lol. I won’t be at the 2nd round. I’ll be at the Portland tourney. Need me some of that 3S.

Oh and uh…you qualify if you get 2nd? I hella didn’t get anything :sad:

add peachy and i believe cole to the issaquah one Peachy won the crossroads one and Cole won the Bellsquare one i believe???

Second place got a headband, wristbands, and qualified for round 2…just like the winner. I’d say holler at the Gamestop manager and go get what’s yours. Even if you aren’t going to round 2, that’s something that belongs to you, nahmean?

Will do.

…anyone know who won the Tukwila tournaments?

Bump. Hopefully this thread will help some of you peeps so you know what to prepare for in second round.

Prizes are at select stores, i wonder how much people are getting screwed? Not that it really matters kinda

Round 2 today! Good luck everyone! Let’s all meet in Tukwila for an all-SRK 3rd round!!!