Opinion on Madcatz SE PS3 or 360 for the PC


Hi everyone,

sorry if this has come up before, but i have tried to look and search for a similar post.

I understand that both these sticks will work on the pc, but i just wanted to know if one or the other is a better one to get.

I don’t mean performance, as i am looking to replace the the stick and buttons with sanwa parts. I am also assuming both versions would be the same anyway.

On the gameshark, the description for the ps3 does not mention anything about the stick being compatible with the PC. Whereas the 360 version does
"Compatible with most fighting games including PC games that support Xbox 360 gamepad controllers."

I currently do not have a ps3 or a 360, but i’ve preordered SF4 for the PC. I just wanted to know in terms of compatability, if the 360 version be a wiser choice to go with? Or is there no difference?

i am just concerned spending 70 on a joystick which i will not be able to use when sf4 comes out on the pc (which by then no one will be playing lol) :slight_smile:

Many Thanks in advance, and thank you so far for the information regarding the mods and stick on the other threads.



I have the 360 version and it works flawlessly on my PC. I’m using XP. I tried it over at my friend’s house on his laptop that runs Vista, and it ran perfectly there too. I did remember there was a thread about the PS3 version being a little hit or miss when it came to the PC though. Some people got it working while others couldn’t.


My 360TE didnt work without drivers on my PC … but then again there are drivers you can dl … so it will definitely work … some have problems with the PS3 sticks on their pc (but only if you have an amd or nvidiea chipset on your motherboard) but you can solve this if you get a via pci card for your usb slots.
if you want to get both consoles in the near future maybe getting a 360 version may be good, because you can dualmod it with a cthulhu which is easier than hacking a 360 pad.
if not it really doesnt matter … i dont have a ps3 stick so i cant say if this works but i got a nonworking 360 stick working with just dl drivers …


I’ve tested the PS3 SE stick on both Mac and the Windows 7 Beta and it works fine without installing nay drivers :smile:
I can’t speak for other versions of Windows though.


My PS3 SE works fine on Windows XP SP2. I have an Intel chipset.


Thanks the info guys, still pondering which one to get.

Seems like the 360 one works better, but there no stock anywhere with those… and allow ebay with their stupid prices too.

i currently run Vista 32 -bit if this helps, not sure what chipset i got on my mobo but i have a nvidia control panel so i guess it is??


The NVIDIA control panel is for your video card most likely. To find out which chipset you have, you need to look at the text that comes up on your screen the first time you boot up your PC (before you ever get into Windows). That or going into the device manager and looking up there.