Opinion on moving the stick to the right?

Thats my current stick, and at the moment i am struggling playing with the stick with my left hand, My left hand is completely useless and slow. Therefore to remedy the situation I cross my hands over and play the stick with my right. The only problem is that it does not allow me to do any bnb combos as my left hand can bearly reach all the buttons. ( i have practiced and practiced but to no avail)

Now im thinking of moving the stick to the right hand side and the buttons to the left, hoping that this will make my life a little easier, has this ever been done or is this completely wierd.

I tried moding the above stick but the 360 pcb is glued down (im afraid that i might break itif i take it off) and the JLF connector wire is not long enough to reach the connector on the stick, so im guessing i will have to sell the one above and start again.

Anybody got any suggestions to what to do?

Rotate the Joystick PCB 180.
Then play with the Arcade Stick on the other side after Button Configuration?

You will be using the six Buttons that are Straight.
There won’t be any room to rest your hands though.

But it is a start.

LOL, I realised that, im actually thinking of using a soldering iron to remove the glue on the pcb. Then moving the top plate 180 degrees.

I don’t know how lazeeya made the Stick.
But wouldn’t it be easier to just rotate the PCB?

But then you would have the cord coming at you.
I think I know where you going with this now.